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The natural stone you have in your home or office is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service. Simple care and maintenance will help preserve your stone’s beauty for generations to come. 


Several DO’s and DONT's when you are dealing with natural stone surfaces:

1) DON’T  allow the stone to come in contact with substance with a ph of less than 7 like wine, lemon juice, some liquid detergents, shampoo, harsh chemical sold off the shelf and products that contain chlorine.

2) DON’T leave water to stand for prolonged periods on the stone surface as this will cause etch marks if the water is mildly acidic.

3) DON’T allow prolonged contact with oil based products like cooking oil, cosmetics or even milk which will cause darks oil spots on the stone surface.

4) DO thoroughly rinse and dry the surface with clean, clear water after washing.  

5) DON’T use abrasive cleaners and scouring powders on stone surfaces.  

6)  DON’T place hot items right off a stove or out of an oven directly on the stone surface.  

7) DO thoroughly clean areas with heavy usage every 6-12 months with a deep cleaner like Lithofin MN Power-Clean at a dilution of 1: 10 to make daily maintenance easier.  

8) DO consider sealing your stone surface with the correct impregnating sealer like Lithofin MN Stain-Stop or Lithofin Stainstop W to make it more resistant to staining, especially in wet areas like shower recesses and kitchen bench top.

9) DON’T use general cleaning products on natural stones surfaces. Only use specialised natural stone care and maintenance products like Lithofin MN Easy-Clean which is a daily, ready to use cleaner.

10) DO use special marble wax polish like Lithofin MN Polish cream regularly to maintain the gloss finish of polished stone surfaces.

Tasha Nathan
Tasha Nathan


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Carolyn Vickers
Carolyn Vickers

December 14, 2014

Hi, I have a stone bowl wash basin in my bathroom which is dull and stained. Do you have any products which I could use to restore it and make it shine?
Regards, Carolyn

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