8 Surprising Facts About Engineered Quartz Stone

8 Surprising Facts About Engineered Quartz Stone

Today, engineered quartz stone material is the most preferred for modern countertops because it combines durability, flexibility, and a wide range of colours and patterns. Engineered stone benchtop is the most popular surface material among interior designers and homeowners, particularly in the kitchen.

Although many engineered quartz stones appear to be granite or marble, they are not natural stone. Keep reading to discover the fascinating and surprising facts about this very versatile quartz stone surface.

#1 Quartz Stone Is Not Made Entirely of Natural Quartz

Your gorgeous quartz stone kitchen countertops are not entirely formed of natural stones; polymer resin binders contribute for 5% to 10% of the total. This combination is combined with crushed quartz and other minerals to create your quartz slab.

Furthermore, these cement-based resin binders are responsible for the tight binding of natural quartz stones, which gives them impermeable strength and anti-stain qualities.

#2 The Same Process Is Used to Create Every Engineered Quartz Stone

Most popular engineered quartz stone manufacturers employ approximately 90% quartz material. It takes a lot of work to create mixes that offer distinct appearances.

The technique involves combining crushed natural stone aggregate with a polymer mix, eliminating the air, then heating and molding the material into slabs with the hardness and look of genuine stone.

#3 Quartz Stone is Non-Porous by Nature

Quartz stone has a non-porous surface that is remarkably impervious to staining.

Resins produce a waterproof surface and are the reason that no liquid can leave a stain on quartz surfaces. Even the most stubborn liquids, such as coffee or wine, will not stand a chance. As a result, many homeowners like it for their kitchens and bathrooms. It is also scratch-resistant, so it requires little to no upkeep.

#4 Quartz Stone Is Simple to Care For

The sleek and smooth surface of engineered quartz stone makes cleaning a simple and easy. For cleaning bench tops, you will just need a gentle surface cleanser, such as Cream Cleanser or Spray Cleaner, water, and a soft cloth. Furthermore, unlike other stones, quartz does not need sealing.

If you are looking for a full package that will help you maintain your quartz stone bench top, countertop, and other surfaces looking gorgeous and elegant, the EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Care Kit is the perfect choice.

#5 Quartz Stone Countertops and Bench Tops Do Not Need to Be Sealed

Engineered quartz surfaces should not be sealed in general. Quartz stone is non-porous and will not let the sealant to penetrate since there are no pores, thus the sealer will merely dry on the surface, leaving it dull.

As a result, if you spray any fluid on the countertop, the sealant will sit on top, forming a layer of liquid. The sealer will not be absorbed by engineered quartz.

#6 Quartz Stone Is UV Sensitive

Quartz stone's colours can fade when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, especially if they are dark. Any portion of your kitchen counters should not be exposed to direct sunlight, such as via a window.

If this isn't possible, or if you insist on using quartz stone for your outdoor kitchen, go with a light-coloured stone.

#7 Quartz Stone Is Not Heat Resistant

Yes! Quartz stone is resistant to heat but not heat proof! While quartz countertops are heat resistant, they can be damaged if overheated. Quartz countertops are composed of up to 90% quartz.

They can, however, only tolerate heat up to a certain point. Excessive heat should not be applied to the surface.

#8 Quartz Stone Can Be Used for a Wide range Of Purposes

Massive slabs of quartz stone are produced by engineered stone producers for airports, retail malls, and office buildings. You've probably walked on a variety of quartz stone brands more than you think.

Quartz may be used in your bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. It can be used for countertops, tiles, walls, and so on. The main drawback is that it cannot be used outside due to UV exposure.

Quartz is a wise investment no matter what you use it for, and there are various applications for it. It is inexpensive, yet it has the same, if not better, properties than more expensive materials.


Whether you choose engineered quartz or natural stone countertops, the most important thing is to work with a reputable supplier and stone maintenance professionals. That way, you can be certain that the material and workmanship are of the highest quality.

Stone Doctor Australia can assist you with all of your quartz stone kitchen, floor, and bathroom needs. Our team of stone maintenance experts will advise you, and together, we will ensure that your elegant and stunning engineered stone surface provides good value for money.

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