List Of Products Sold At Stone Doctor Australia Richmond Shop

by Brian Lau February 08, 2014

This is the list of products sold at our Richmond Store. LITHOFIN Abra-Clean, ALGEX, ASR, BERO, Care Kits (3 types), FZ Cement Residue Remover, FZ Intensive Cleaner, FZ Stain-Stop, FZ Stain-Stop W, FZ Vitra-Clean, KF Active-Clean, KF Grout Protector, KF Mildew-Away, KF Power-Clean, KLF Cystallization Fluid, MN Builders-Clean, MN Colour-Intensifier, MN Easy-Care, MN Easy-Clean, MN Polish (Liquid Wax), MN Polish-Cream, MN Power-Clean, MN Stain-Stop, MN Stain-Stop ECO, MPP Marble Polishing Powder, OIL-EX, Outdoor-Cleaner, PRO Water Base Sealer, Rust-EX, Stainstop PLUS, Stainstop W & Wax-Off. TENAX AGER, Crystal Clear Solid, Hydrex, Liquid Wax (Cera Fluida), Polyester Colourants Individual Tubes (6 colours available), Polyester Colourant Kit - 6 Colours, Solid White (Bianco), Solid Black (Nero), Solid Beige (Paglierino), Standard Hardener, Transparent Solid & Uniblack 2. DIAREX BLADES 105mm Ultra Turbo Ultra Thin - For Porcelain, 105mm Viper Turbo Ultra Thin - For Porcelain, 125mm ES Turbo - For Engineered Stone, 125 Fine Cut Turbo - For Granite / Hard Stones, 125mm Legend Vacuum Brazed - For General All Stone Type, 125mm Turbo Tornado Cutter - For Engineered Stone (Premium) & 125mm Extreme Turbo - For Granite / Hard Stone (Premium). DIAFLEX ABRASIVE HAND PADS 90mm x 55mm. Available grits are: #60, #120, #200, #400, #800, #1800 & #3000 DIAREX CORE DRILLS 6mm / 8mm Electroplated & 35mm (Blue Bit) KONIG NEUTRAL CURE SILICONES - 310ML TUBES Available Colours: Black, Bright Grey, Carrara White, Dusty Grey, Grey White, Grout Grey, Light Beige 280, Manhattan, Red, Sand, Sandstone Beige, Transparent & White. 3M CLEANING TOOLS Doodlebug Black Stripping Pads, Doodlebug White Polishing Pads, Doodlebug Brown Scrubbing Pads, Doodlebug Hand Block, Doodlebug Swivel Head c/w 5'  Handle, Microfibre Cloth Single, Microfibre Cloth Pack of 10, 43cm Black Stripping Pads & 43cm White Polishing Pads. 3M DIAMOND GRINDING FLOOR PADS 45cm Sienna Pad (#600-800 Grit) & 45cm Purple Pad (#1000 - #1500 Grit) DIAMOND ABRASIVE - 4" FOR DRY USE Available grits: #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500 & #3000 DIAMOND ABRASIVE - 4" FOR WET USE Available grits: #50, #150, #300, # 500, #1000, #2000 & #3000 ARDELL Single Edge Razor Blades - 100pc Pack MISC TOOLS Cotton Towels - Pack of 8, Jumbo Sponges, Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Reusable Nitrile Gloves, Dust Masks, 1.2-2.4m Extension Poles, Sheepskin Applicator c/w Handle, & Sheepskin Applicator Refills. MAPEI Granirapid A White Adhesive (22.5kgs), Granirapid B Admix (5.5kgs), Isolastic (6.6kgs), Kerabond Plus Grey Adhesive (20kgs), Kerabond Plus White Adhesives (20kgs), Primer G (1 kg), Ultracolor Plus Grouts (100, 110, 113, 120 & 132) RUBBERMAID Pulse Microfibre Mop Set c/w Reservoir & Microfibre Replacement Sleeves TUSCAN LIPPAGE FREE TILLING SYSTEM Levelling Systems Pro Kit (250 Caps, 1000 Gauged Straps & Ergonomic Setting Tool), 1000 pc Gauged Straps Only, 200 pc Gauged Straps Only, 250 pc Caps Only, 1000 pc Ungauged Straps Only & Ergonomic Setting Tool

Brian Lau
Brian Lau


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