Are You Cleaning Your Natural Stone Surfaces Correctly?

Are You Cleaning Your Natural Stone Surfaces Correctly?

The general maintenance and cleaning equipment utilised for most natural stones employed by natural stone cleaning companies are relatively similar. Natural stone surfaces, on the other hand, have a variety of chemical and physical properties. This implies that each one needs unique attention.

What if you don’t know how and when to clean natural stone properly? It can lead to homeowners making errors, which might harm the stone.

This article will act as an instructional reference to directing you to the proper method and product for cleaning your natural stone surfaces.

Cleaning Products for Natural Stone Surfaces That Aren't Effective


1. Cleaning with Vinegar

cleaning marble with vinegar

Because vinegar is an acidic cleanser with severe effects, it will react with stones such as limestone, marble, and travertine. It may also result in burning or etching on the stone's surface. Instead, cleaners with a neutral pH should be used for natural stone cleaning. This means avoiding using vinegar.

2. Using an Abrasive Tool to Clean

improper cleaning tools

Many homeowners associate scrubbing pads with removing stains and etches. However, doing so for natural stone cleaning is likely to accelerate the deterioration of the natural stone surfaces.

This is because a cleaning pad has an abrasive impact on stone. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth and a mild solution, and avoid the impulse to 'buff' any scratches or stains. The only way to fix an etched stone is to remove it and then restore it.

3. Not Sealing Your Stone on a Regular Basis

cleaning marble

It is advised to seal most natural stone surfaces as part of their normal upkeep and care. Homeowners may be tempted to seal their stonework themselves. However, for the finest results, only a professional natural stone cleaning business should seal your stone and we have many of them ready for you.

If you do not seal your stone, it may get damaged, necessitating the replacement of the complete stone. This is due to open stone surfaces readily absorbing liquids and food. When this occurs, it causes deep stains on the stone.

Even if a spill is instantly cleaned up, staining can occur in a matter of minutes. Natural stone also absorbs colors and grease. As a result, sealing is required.

High Quality Products That Are Safe To Use On Natural Stone Surfaces

lithofin mn power clean
  • Lithofin MN Power-Clean
    It is designed for thorough cleaning of grease, dirt, waxes, and residues from other floor care products. Lithofin MN Power-Clean is recommended for use on all polished and unpolished natural and artificial stones but especially for polished marble and limestone. It is acid and solvent-free product and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is ideal to clean natural stone surfaces before sealing with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop.
Lithofin easy clean
  • 500ml Lithofin MN Easy-Clean
    It is designed for the everyday cleaning of natural and artificial stone surfaces. This product comes in a 500ml spray bottle and is ideal for small stone surfaces such as kitchen counters, tabletops, vanity units, shower walls, etc. Lithofin MN Easy-Clean removes dirt, oil, and grease residues and provides streak-free cleaning without forming a layer on the surface of the stone
Lithofin mn stain stop
  • Lithofin MN Stain-Stop
    It is a special impregnator sealer that provides optimal protection for absorbent natural and artificial stone surfaces against staining. It prevents the penetration of oil, grease, and water and since it is food safe once dry, it is an ideal product for kitchens. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop does not alter the appearance of the stone and is extremely effective for many years.


Natural stone surfaces are one of the most aesthetically pleasing additions to any home. They are basic yet attractive and are naturally embellished with lovely colors and design elements. Natural stone surfaces may survive for decades if properly cared for and maintained.

If you are unclear about how to clean your natural stone surfaces or need advice on the sealing procedure, it is best to consult with a stone care specialist. Hiring a professional natural stone cleaning business is suggested for the finest results.

Stone Doctor Australia has extensive knowledge and always uses ecologically safe materials. Call 03-9429 1223 or chat with us now. We are happy to assist you!

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