Basic Engineered Quartz Care

Basic Engineered Quartz Care

What is so special about quartz?

Engineered Quartz is one of the appealing substitutes to granite and marble as a kitchen worktop. As a matter of fact, its demand continues to increase over recent years. Its usefulness can be linked to its physical and chemical properties. Thanks to advancing technology, engineered quartz continues to progress in terms of quality and appearance. As such, engineered quartz slabs today are more durable than ever. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance, unlike natural stone.

Engineered Quartz Care - Caesarstone Quartz Australia Ice Snow

Believe it or not, quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth comparing to diamond which is known for its ultimate hardness. Also, along with its function, today's engineered quartz worktops are the ultimate in style. You will never want to sacrifice its beauty by disregarding care and maintenance.

Engineered Quartz Care

If you're looking for the perfect maintenance products and guide, look no further! Stone Doctor Australia gives you the ever-needed products for your engineered quartz worktop.

Here's a basic bundle that will help you keep that gorgeous engineered quartz worktops around your kitchen looking new at all times:

Bundle Inclusions Are:

EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Care Kits

1 x Caesarstone Cream Cleanser 250ml - 1 bottle
1 x Caesarstone Spray Cleaner 475ml - bottle
1 x Edco Super Quality Non-Scratch Scourer/Sponge
1 x Edco Merrifibre Universal Cloth White - 3pcs / pack

For Daily and Special Cleaning Products

Proper care and maintenance are quite essential if you are wanting to keep your kitchen worktops looking their very best. Follow along with Stone Doctor Australia for guidance on cleaning your engineered quartz surfaces the right way.

Caesarstone Cream Cleanser - 250ml

If the stain is caused by paint, nail polish, lipstick, wax, or food that has dried and formed a crust, using the Caesarstone Cream Cleanser is the best option compared to other cleaning products that are readily available in the market that can cause more harm than good. Best paired up with Edco Super Quality Non-Scratch Scourer/Sponge.

Also for stubborn stains, we recommend the use of this Caesarstone Cream Cleanser as well, which has been specially formulated to remove the most stubborn surface dirt & stains. This includes stains such as red wine or beetroot from your Caesarstone surfaces. The Caesarstone Cream Cleanser is also suitable for cleaning sinks and taps, baths and basins, shower recesses, tile surfaces, and cooktops.

Ceasar Stone Cream Cleanser Engineered Quartz Care

Caesarstone Spray Cleaner - 475ml

For everyday general cleaning and wiping off spills, we recommend you using the Caesarstone Spray Cleaner. Always best to use recommended cleaning products to avoid future problems. Caesarstone Spray Cleaner is a quality spray product to maintain your kitchen engineered quartz worktops keeping it squeaky clean at all times. For a streak free surface, wipe kitchen worktops in a broad circular motion. Best to be used with the recommended Edco Merrifibre Cloth White.

Ceasar Stone Spray Cleaner Engineered Quartz Care

Edco Super Quality Non-Scratch Scourer/Sponge

A wonderful cleaning tool is an Edco Super Quality Non-Scratch Scourer/Sponge - 1 Pc, which changes texture based on temperature and is highly efficient in removing dirt and grime from most surfaces. Take care to clean and disinfect them regularly.

Edco Stay Fresh Spik Sponge Engineered Quartz Care

Edco Merrifibre Universal Microfibre Cloth White- 3 Pcs Per Pack

If you're looking for a product that can clean most surfaces, use Edco Merrifibre Cloth White. Suitable for any surface i.e. kitchen worktops, splash backs, bathroom vanities, etc.. Edco Merrifibre Cloth White is a HACCP-approved. It removes particles and oils. It is also washable and reusable.

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Protect Your Investment

Your engineered quartz surfaces can hold up to just about anything your daily kitchen work can throw at it, but one thing to have in mind - it's not completely indestructible. Protect it and upkeep it, and you can never go wrong in investing in the right quality care products.

Other Bundles Available:

Standard Engineered Quartz Care Kit and Premium Engineered Quartz Care Kit

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