Bluestone - How to clean, seal and maintain

Bluestone - How to clean, seal and maintain

Bluestone is a richly coloured natural stone with a gorgeous texture that transcends design styles, giving it a timeless appeal. Its no wonder bluestone is a very popular choice amongst Australian homeowners. On a daily basis, we get  heaps of queries regarding bluestone care and maintenance.

Bluestone and basalt generally require the same products and procedures for cleaning, protecting and maintaining. However, many varieties of bluestone surfaces in Australia are imported from overseas. Each variant is different and can react differently depending on their origins.

Bluestone house

(Image source: The Contemporist)

Our team recommends the use of Lithofin’s natural stone specific ‘MN’ products for sawn and honed finishes.

(Image source: Design Milk)

It is important to only use specialised stone care products on bluestone. Even though bluestone and basalt are extremely durable, they could be sensitive to acidic cleaners and (at times) solvent based sealers. 

This can alter the composition of the stone surface, causing damage that may require professional intervention by a skilled stone care professional.

(Image source: The Local Project)



stone doctor power clean

Use Lithofin MN Power-Clean for a thorough deep clean on  hone and sawn textured bluestone surfaces. 



One light application of water-based Lithofin STAINSTOP W (wet-on-wet application) will prevent the penetration of water, oil, grease and general dirt on bluestone surfaces and groutlines without altering the surface's appearance.


For day to day cleaning, use Lithofin MN Easy-Care, a neutral surface cleaner which is formulated to help maintain and protect the colour of natural stone floors. After a period of time, bluestone surfaces will form a natural patina.


If you have an existing issue with your bluestone surfaces in your home or building, please do not hesitate to drop us an enquiry with some close up photos of the problem. 

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