Considerations for Engineered Quartz Stone Restoration

Considerations for Engineered Quartz Stone Restoration

For many years, Stone Doctor Australia has provided stone and tile care solutions, as well as natural and engineered stone restoration services. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have been offering practical and comprehensive solutions.

"A smart judgment is based on understanding, not figures," Plato said. Let us get down to business with the reality about manufactured quartz. The truth may be painful, but deception is far more so!

Engineered quartz is well-known for its long life, simplicity of cleaning, and minimal maintenance costs. These stone materials do not need to be sealed. Furthermore, they are non-porous and do not hold dirt. This is why it is one of the most commonly utilised surfaces in every family house.

Engineered stone is an excellent choice for countertops, but it is not indestructible and must be properly maintained. Depending on the lighting in your home or company, light defects are common immediately after installation. Try to keep it away from high temperatures.

Although not all designed surfaces are alike, there are certain commonalities. Most do not scratch easily, do not discolour, do not etch from acidic substances, and only a few can be restored.

What exactly do you mean by "few can be restored"? Is it possible to fix the scratches, chips, and stains on my engineered quartz surface?

Let us face it: manufactured stone is not bulletproof, whatever what quartz manufacturers and marketers may say or now hint to. The surface, like any other countertop surface, is susceptible to deterioration.

Engineered stone restoration is difficult because of its composition, and surface polishing seldom matches the factory quality, as it does with other tried and tested goods like marble and granite.

Stone restoration professionals can frequently fix minor scratches but not burn scars on engineered stone surfaces. Deeper scratches or full-depth scorch marks, on the other hand, are not repairable. If the surface can be restored, then we have EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Restoration And Care System for this as a complete system for professionals.

The good news is that our team of specialists can repair your engineered quartz surfaces to make them appear and operate as good as new.

How to know if your quartz stone surface needs restoring?

Though engineered quartz stone is acclaimed for its striking appearance, ease of care, and longevity, even the most dependable and tough materials can fail over time. When this happens, stone restoration is required to restore your quartz stone surface to its original condition.

Here are the key points or observable indicators to look for.

  • If the surface of your quartz stone surface has chips and cracks.
  • There are liquids or stains that are difficult to remove.
  • The luster of your quartz benchtop is starting to fade.
  • Its original hue and charm have faded.


It is a good idea to maintain your engineered quartz surface a few times a year to keep it looking fresh and clean. While spills occur, wipe them up promptly and use chopping boards when making food rather than placing it on the surface.

The EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Care Kits are a wonderful help in caring for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, and other engineered quartz surfaces.

You may also rely on Stone Doctor Australia's competence in stone restoration. We have been providing excellent stone care restoration services and professional paid consulting to Australian individuals and businesses for over 11 years. Whatever the material—concrete, granite, limestone, marble, or terrazzo—we have the skills and equipment to do the work properly.

If you want restoration services that necessitate close attention to detail anywhere in Victoria, please call our team of professionals at 03-9429-1223, and we will gladly assist you.

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