EQ Renew Kits Help to Fully Restore Engineered Quartz Surfaces

EQ Renew Kits Help to Fully Restore Engineered Quartz Surfaces

What You Really Need to Know About Restoring Engineered Quartz

If you conduct a simple search on the internet, anyone can find out how to restore engineered quartz surfaces, and most online forums will provide you with answers and methods that can be appealing to you and are practical for you to use. When it comes to the information that can be obtained on the internet, anything may be posted by anyone wants, and there is no quality control.

At Stone Doctor Australia, we care about you and place a high value on you! We are aware that the process of restoring or polishing different stone surfaces demands a distinct approach. Each type of stone calls for a one-of-a-kind approach to polishing that may use alkanes, acids, heat, pressure, and even expertise.

Read this article to learn more about The Process of Restoring Engineered Quartz Countertops.

Restore Engineered Quartz

One of the most complicated aspects of restoring engineered quartz is addressing irregularities such as dull spots, stains, chips, and other flaws in the surface material. A professional will face these challenges most of the time. And because we spend all day restoring all types of stones and making repairs, we have developed the expertise necessary to determine what materials should be utilised and which should be avoided.

Stone surfaces made of engineered quartz stone should be cleaned, stains should be removed, and routine cleaning should be performed. We would strongly recommend that you look into the "EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Restoration & Care System" for a method that is both more distinctive and more effective.

In order to protect any quartz engineered stone surface from unintended damage, the EQ Renew Engineered Quartz Restoration And Care System has been developed. The Engineered Quartz Restoration And Care System include your polishing products, which, when used appropriately, will clean and polish your engineered quartz surfaces in a manner that has never been accomplished before. However all restorative products are for Professional Use Only.

An engineered quartz surface that has been scratched, blemished, or otherwise damaged can be restored with the use of a system called the Engineered Quartz Repair And Care System. It covers both restoration and maintenance that presents itself through the various kits for professionals who need our restorative kits and cleaning products.

Listed below are the inclusions that come with the Engineered Quartz Restoration Care System

1. EQ Renew Lippage Removal Kit

A vital step in the grinding process, this component can only be used in a wet environment. The height difference along the edge of slabs or tiles can be successfully leveled and flattened with the help of this kit. It is only necessary if the slabs are lipped. Begin the restoration procedure with the use of the EQ Renew Lippage Removal kit in order to get a bench top surface flattened uniformly. All furthers steps will be required if this step is undertaken.
(For Professional Use Only)

2. EQ Renew Grinding And Honing Pads Kit

This is one of the effective tools that may be used to smooth off sawn marks all the way up to mechanically honing the surface of the stone to a finer level. EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad set designed to provide the most effective surface preparation prior to pre-polishing.

This kit belongs to the category of processes known as grinding to hone, and it comes with seven distinct grits. These grits range from coarse (50 grit) to extremely fine (3,000 grit), with the coarsest grit being the starting point for the kit. When utilizing the EQ Renew Grinding and Honing Pad Set, it is important to make sure that the grits are not missed in any way.
(For Professional Use Only)

3.EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Pads And Drill Kit

This kit is required to be used before applying the EQ Renew Snake Skin Finishing Kit to your engineered quartz surface. Although you may have been hoping to get the appearance of a snakeskin finish for quite some time. It is used to make the surface more even and smooth before the final polishing procedure was carried out. Also, it acts as the preliminary package to obtain the maximum clarity of reflection and durability of the surface, which requires the application of the appropriate grit and pad sequence.
(For Professional Use Only)

4. EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Hand Pad Kit

Simply using one's hands to polish any little surface or difficult-to-reach corners and borders is one more inventive method for accomplishing this. The EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Pad Kit can be utilized in conjunction with the flexible drill plate and the hand drill machine. This EQ Renew Pre-Polishing Hand Pad Kit is meant to be used by hand, manually. In the hands of an experienced operator, either of these kits might produce exceptional outcomes.
(For Professional Use Only)

5. EQ Renew Final Polishing Kit

EQ Renew Final Polishing Kit is another one of our company's innovations that makes it possible for professionals to easily re-polish engineered quartz surfaces. It comes with a premium manufactured quartz polishing gel that only requires one step, as well as polishing pads of a higher quality. This kit was developed expressly for the purpose of effectively polishing and enhancing the luster of surfaces made of engineered quartz.
(For Professional Use Only)

6. EQ Renew Snake Skin Finishing Kit

After polishing, it lets you break up the shiny effects on the surface.

The snakeskin effects depend on how you want your engineered quartz to look, and EQ Renew Snake Skin Compound Fine - 100gms is the best choice for a stronger, more consistent snakeskin effect. But if you want a snakeskin effect that is both strong and smooth, choose the EQ Renew Snake Skin Compound Super Fine 100gms. And the EQ Renew Snake Skin Compound Ultra Fine - 100gms is what you need if you want a very smooth, consistent snakeskin finish.
(For Professional Use Only)

With the EQ Renew 3-Piece Snake Skin Buffing Pads, you can choose whether you want a strong, balanced, or smooth snakeskin finish on the surface. This lets you see and work on the surface better than ever before. This pad is for hand-held machines with more than one speed. It makes it easier to create the snakeskin effect on the surface.


To this point, repairing and restoring engineered quartz had proven to be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Using EQ Renew Kits, which were developed by qualified restoration professionals to assist stonemasons and other restoration organizations in avoiding replacements, can save the client heaps on replacements. Our stone care professionals are able to conduct a wide range of treatments, such as seam polishing, scratch removal, and the elimination of other aesthetic flaws.

Get in touch with the Stone Doctor Australia Services team at +613 9429 1223 or send us an email at enquiries@stonedoctor.com.au for all of your needs regarding engineered quartz repair, restoration services, and installation, ranging from countertops to floors and walls.

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