Lithofin – MN Easy-Clean

Hi Guys, This week I'm going to broadcast Lithofin MN Easy-Clean. This products is as simple as Spray and Wipe. This is a Marble, Natural and Engineered Stone(MN) maintenance product for bench tops which is either honed or polish finish. Lithofin MN Easy-Clean is neutral, a ready-to-use cleaning product, streak free and is based on high quality cleaning and care agents for all stone types. WHY Lithofin MN Easy-Clean? Lithofin is designed specially for natural and engineered Stone. This product keeps the surface clean while causing no deterioration to the sealed surfaces. Why not give your bench-tops the best clean rather than buying a bottle of cleaner which may contain acid or bleach that will etch, stain and damage your stone bench top? I've taken a video regarding how to use Lithofin MN Easy-Clean.   Thanks for watching I'll see you guys next week. Holla. Click this link to buy online at
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