Lithofin MN Polish Cream – Rejuvenator & Enhancer (Suitable for Benches)

Hi Peeps, Lithofin MN Polish-Cream is based on natural waxes, special additives and maintenance components mainly for enhancing polished stone surfaces giving a renewed outlook. Lithofin MN Polish-Cream is suitable for POLISHED STONE SURFACES only!!! Lithofin MN Polish-Cream could improve gloss, increase protection and maintain the stones surface beautiful appearance. Use every 3-6 months. Lithofin MN Polish-Cream treated surfaces may become less sensitive to staining, scratches and similar blemishes. If used regularly, Lithofin MN Polish-Cream can be the optimal care treatment for polished marble, polished granite and all other natural stone types. However, this is a surface enhancing product only and cannot replace conventional stone polishing powders and compounds. Lithofin MN Polish-CreamHow to Apply? Apply evenly in a circular motion using a cloth and after a maximum of 2 minutes, polish the surface with a soft cloth. Please note that if the product is left on the surface for too long, it will be difficult to polish. In this case, reapply Lithofin MN Polish-Cream and polish immediately. Features of Lithofin MN Polish-Cream : -
  • Very easy to polish and contains no solvents.
  • Protects and maintains all polished stone surfaces.
  • Makes water-repellent and produces excellent gloss.
  • Ideal for the care of kitchen bench tops, vanities, tables and similar small surfaces.
Coverage : approximately 10 to 20 square meter per 500ml Packaging Available: 150ml & 500ml  Storage : closed, cool, not above 25°C up to 2 years of shelf life For more information, kindly click here. C'yall next week. Brian Lau – 03-9429 1223
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