Maintenance and Care of Marble Benchtops

Maintenance and Care of Marble Benchtops

Marble is one of the most popular stone types used as benchtops. It adds uniqueness to your kitchen since no two pieces are alike. Its timeless quality, elegance, class and impressive visual appeal stands out when placed in your kitchen, bathroom vanities and fireplaces. It greatly symbolizes quality and longevity when cared for and maintained well.

Caring for your marble benchtops is similar to how you'd care for the garden or the swimming pool. Knowing that by doing so, you can enjoy years of satisfaction.

Extra care is needed when using marble benchtops. As marble surfaces are generally soft, physical assaults such as scratching, scoring, scrapping, etc. will ruin the surface often beyond repair.

Marble reacts with acids found in foods like tomatoes, fruit juices, vinegar etc.. Anything that is acidic including that of alcoholic beverages must be wiped off immediately when there is a spillage to avoid deep etching or damage to the surface.

Do not place any hot dishes directly on the surface as quick expansion and contraction will give rise to unwanted cracks. Use place mats to place hot items. Extra caution is required when cleaning the oven and grill especially when using strong commercial cleaning spray products. These products are highly corrosive. Your marble surface must be protected prior to working on the ovens and grills. Avoid placing these or any corrosive items directly on the benchtop surface.

Caring and Cleaning Your Marble Benchtops

Next important thing to avoid is the usage of abrasive cleaners or harsh cleaning products on your marble benchtops. This will damage the factory finish ruining its great looks. Use only Lithofin MN Power-Clean when periodic maintenance is required for deep cleaning.

Sealing marble surfaces should be done every 18 months with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop which is our premium marble penetrating sealant that will not alter the look of the surface as it is deemed 'invisible'. This penetrating sealant protects benchtop surfaces from absorbing stains which are usually from oils and food colourants. Be advised that a sealed surface is still subject to acid etching and damage.

Re-honing, Re-Polishing and Sealing Your Marble Benchtops

Diamond abrasives tools are used to grind stone surfaces effectively. This will give you a renewed honed surface when done well by a stone care professional. Further polishing steps are required to have the surface polished. That brilliant polish effect can only happen if the surface is well honed. Use Lithofin MN Power-Clean to clean the surface thoroughly.  After 24 hours, it is advisable to apply a penetrating sealer to provide protection from water and oil stains. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop allows breathability, cures quickly and offers a totally natural looking appearance. 24 hours after sealing, you can use the surface and start maintaining it with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean which is the recommended daily spray and wipe solution. Unfortunately surface etching is unpreventable even on sealed surfaces.

With over 20 years of collective experience in the natural stone industry, Stone Doctor Australia offers you free consultation. Should you need any assistance in caring and advice on maintaining your marble benchtops or if you have any questions in regards to restoring & sealing these surfaces, feel free to call us at 03-9429-1223 or email us at

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