New Marble Bench Tops??? Let Us Help You.

Having a new marble benches can be overwhelming. We are here to advise you and help you manage these beautiful surfaces. The NO. 1 ENEMY here is acidity. Acid etches marble surfaces and changes it's physical outlook. They typically will look dull & rough in spots when it has had contact with acidic food stuff, acidic personal care products, acidic cleaners, bleach, chlorine & other harsh chemicals. To determine acidic of day to day items including foodstuff, personal care products, etc.. we recommend you purchase pH test strips from us.

ph Test PaperThese pH test strips will be able to uniquely identify the pH of each liquid giving a reading of pH 1-14 which covers the whole spectrum. Acids are anything below pH7. Understanding the effects of acidity is essential. Now we will look into sealing the surface. Click here to purchase this at STORE # 1

It is absolutely essential to seal your marble surfaces. Due to the high absorbency of natural stone, penetrating sealer's are meant to absorb deeply into the substrate filling all pores with the sealer molecules thus leaving the surface impervious while maintaining the natural look. A proper penetrating sealer will never alter the physical surface and appearance as will not form a topical layer. You can be assured that contact with cooking oils, coffee, tea, cosmetics, hair dyes, etc.. will not be able to penetrate and stain the surface.

If you wish to engage our professional cleaning and premium sealing service (2BSEALED), kindly click here.


stain-stop -1LAlternatively you can purchase Lithofin MN Stain-Stop which is our premium quality invisible penetrating sealer if you wish to have the surfaces sealed on your own. The newly sealed benches should be left to dry for 24 hours before using them. Purchase Lithofin MN Stain-Stop Online at STORE # 2

Lithofin MN Power-Clean - 1L

It is important to thoroughly clean the surface before sealing.Observe a 24 hours drying time before application of the penetrating sealer. We strongly recommend that the surface be cleaned with Lithofin MN Power-Clean. Purchase Lithofin MN Power-Clean at from STORE # 1

The process of re-sealing your marble bench should be carried out every 18-24 months using the same process as described above. An exact repeat. You will never have to use Lithofin MN Power-Clean other than for re-sealing works.

If you have read until this end, it only means you are ready for daily / regular maintenance Lithofin MN Easy-Clean 500ML Sprayand care. If your stone surface is honed, the only product you need is Lithofin MN Easy-Clean. This is a spray and wipe product that can be used as often as you wish. Its mild formula keeps the surface clean while causing no deterioration to the sealed surfaces. You will not require any other products until it is due for a re-seal. Purchase Lithofin MN Easy-Clean online at STORE # 1.

Lithofin MN Polish-Cream - 500MLAnd if your marble surface is polished, we encourage you to use Lithofin MN Polish-Cream which is a mild water based wax formula to continuously enhance the surface while adding a little more protection. This product is simply applied and buffed off which is truly easy to use. You should repeat this process every 3-6 months. Purchase Lithofin MN Polish-Cream from STORE # 1.

We have three separate care kits. They are cost saving and comes with small packing that may be the quantity that you actually require. They are:

Bench kitLithofin Care Kit For Kitchen Benchtops

(Contains: 500ml Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Spray + 1 Litre Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Refill + 1 Original Lithofin Microfibre Cloth). Click Here To Purchase Online From STORE # 1

PE KitLithofin Care Kit For Natural Stone-PE

(Contains: 500ml Lithofin MN Power Clean + 500mn Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Refill + 150ml Lithofin MN Polish-Cream. Click Here To Purchase Online From STORE # 1

BE KitLithofin Care Kit For Natural Stone-BE

(Contails: 500ml Lithofin MN Power-Clean + 500ml Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Refill + 250 ml Lithofin MN Stain-Stop) Click Here To Purchase Online From STORE # 2

General Notes:

1) Do not cut anything directly on the surface. 2) Do not place hot items directly on the surface. 3) Wipe-off spill almost immediately. 4) Keep the surface dry. All products can also be purchased in-store. Below are the details:

STONE DOCTOR AUSTRALIA 278 Burnley Street, Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia. Phone: 03-9429 1223    Email: Retail Hours: Monday - Friday   7am - 4pm & Saturdays 10am - 2pm

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