Maintenance & Care With Lithofin MN Easy-Clean (Spray & Wipe)

Here we have a remarkable product. It's special formulation protects and cleans all marble, limestone, travertine, granite, onxy and any know stone surfaces used as kitchen benches, bathroom vanities, table tops and other small surfaces. With just spray and wiping these small surfaces, Lithofin MN Easy-Clean will keep them clean and streak free. Does not harm the surface or the sealer used. Mild formula make it pleasant to you to clean these surfaces every day. Use with our selected microfibre cloths.

Maintenance & care With Lithofin MN Easy-Care (Mopping)

Lithofin MN Easy-Care is a concentrated neutral stone cleaning detergent. With a dilution of more than 100 parts of water, this solution is then mopped on using our selected range of microfibre mops. Mopping the floors regularly with Lithofin MN Easy-Care will leave your natural or engineered stone surfaces looking pristine at all times. Great for use on polished and as well as honed surfaces. Use safely on marble, limestone, travertine. With regular use, you will never need a stronger detergent. Excellent to maintain the cleanliness of grout lines as well.

Maintenance & Care With Lithofin MN Polish-Cream.

This water based mild wax formula is meant for use only on polished marble, limestone, granite, onyx, etc.. Do not use on honed surfaces. Lithofin MN Polish-Cream is applied with a cloth and is then buffed off almost immediately. This will add a tiny layer of protection to sensitive polished stone surfaces. The recommended application for this is every 3-6 months. Ideal for small areas like marble kitchen benches, limestone vanities, travertine fireplaces, etc.. Just be sure to apply it on POLISHED stone surfaces only.

Maintenance & Care With Lithofin Special Kits.

We have 3 special kits that contain smaller amounts of required products to choose from. 

Kit 1 - Has 500M Lithofin MN Easy-Clean + 1L Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Refill Pack + 1 Original Lithofin Microfibre Cloth.

Kit 2 - Has 500ml Lithofin MN Power Clean + 500ml Lithofin MN Easy-Clean Refill + 150ml Lithofin MN Polish-Cream
Kit 3 - Has 
500ml Lithofin MN Power-Clean + 500ml Lithofin MN Easy-Clean + 250ml Lithofin MN Stain-Stop


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I have a big white Carrara marble kitchen Island top. Not sure if it’s polished or honed. New in 2003 but has some marks – ring marks from glasses left on surface & few other stains – any suggestions?


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