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We sell only Mapei installation products. Their products include primers, water-proofing, standard adhesives, admix, quickset adhesives & grout. The reason behind this is the extensive testing that Mapei has undergone to develop product specifically designed for use with stone. Natural stone and engineered surfaces have numerous installation issues as compared to standard porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Mapei primers, water-proofing and adhesives works together as one component to the tiling process. Using all these 3 in a single application will ensure that the marble, limestone, travertine, granite, sandstone, etc.. is firmly laid over its substrate and will remain locked in forever. Don't forget to add Mapei Isolastic in the mixture to get better adhesion when mixing the adhesives. Mapei Ultracolour PLUS is a grout formulation again perfect for grouting any natural stone with many colours to choose from. It's formula brings along mould resistance, minimal shrinkage and toughness filling all grout joints almost permanently. 

Mapei Granirapid is a special A + B adhesive and apparently contains no water in it's formulation. It is quick drying allowing grouting works with Mapei Ultracolour PLUS just after 3-4 hours. Mapei Granirapid is excellent for translucent materials and stone types that are moisture sensitive i.e. Carrara, Callacatta, Onyxes, etc..


We have gone with ARDEX, Germany for our range of tiling tools. You would be amazed by the quality and the choices of tools available. Made with high grade steel, no other tiling tool range in the market could beat this. ARDEX has put huge resources to produce these tools which comprises of Nippers, Caulking Guns, Cross Spacers, Electrical Mixer, grout floats, grout saw, hand held tile cutter, suction cups and much much more. ARDEX tools are now readily available at our retail store in Richmond and will be soon made available for online purchases. 


We have gone with Diarex for blades and core bits. Superior quality and a diverse range of blades has made them unique to cutting each substrate with accuracy and ease. Diarex has blades to cut granite, marble, limestone, engineered surfaces. Cutting hard stones have now become so easy. Call our in-house consultants to share with you the benefits of using Diarex blades and its diversity. Diarex core drill bits also allow you to make clear circular openings on all natural and engineered surfaces. You can core holes starting with 6mm up to 50mm. 


The Tuscan Leveling System is an innovative product that will greatly assist most anyone in the installation of all stone tiles including marble, granite and especially large format slab tiles. It is designed to create a virtually lippage free installation when used on floors or walls. The system interlocks the tiles, virtually creating a single flat slab surface while the setting material is curing. The interlocking design of the system reduces and in most cases eliminates settling from shrinkage, as well as minimizing the possibility of warping. The system reduces the need to re-lift tiles to add more mud and/or the process of shimming tiles; thus greatly increasing the speed of installation, all the while creating that much desired lippage free mirror surface. In addition, the caps are reusable dozens of times. 


Kindly visit our STORE # 2 for complete details on our Tenax range of Glues / Mastics. Click here.
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