Top Cleaning Habits You Should End Now

Top Cleaning Habits You Should End Now

A pleasant, clean, and attractive house inspires us to make an effort to improve our cleaning routines and to think about top cleaning habits you should stop doing on your engineered stone surfaces right now. Cleaning dirty dishes in the sink, cleaning up spills on the kitchen bench top and countertop, and doing laundry is a never-ending chore.

Keeping a clean and ordered home is a difficult task. But do not let your long to-do list make you feel overwhelmed or disturbed. We will assist you in dealing with them effectively.

Engineered stone bench tops and counters are among the world's toughest surfaces. These are highly dense and non-porous. To ensure that their gorgeous finish lasts a lifetime, a regular deep cleaning schedule with appropriate cleaning tools must be followed.


The big surprise...

We'll be discovering a whole new series on the top cleaning habits you should stop doing this year. Let's start with the kitchen. Using unapproved cleaning products are the number one source of improper cleaning practices.

Breaking negative cleaning habits while cleaning stone surfaces at home will help you de-stress from your house cleaning programs and save energy.

The messiest room in the house...

Your kitchen is one of the messiest and busiest yet most functional parts of your house. The kitchen is where all of the fantastic and delectable food preparation takes place. This area must be kept clean at all times.

The top cleaning habits you should stop right now are listed below. Let us begin!

Bad Cleaning Habit #1: Spills are an unavoidable part of life. Spills are just liquids that can be cleaned up at any moment. No! Spills involving acids and other harmful compounds can cause damage to engineered stone surfaces.

kitchen wine spill

If you spill something on your stone bench top or countertop, never let it dry on the surface. Wiping up any spill with clean cloth or stone surface wipes as soon as possible will keep your stone surface from etching and staining.

Bad Cleaning Habit #2: Scratches on the stone surface are an unavoidable part of existence.The use of sharp instruments and aggressive scrubbers to remove undesired stains is damaging to the surface. You could wind up inflicting more harm that way.

kitchen cleaning

If you are unclear, the best thing to do is to seek stone expert guidance on what to do and what not to do. It is preferable to be safe than sorry. Always be extra cautious!

Bad Cleaning Habit #3: Chemical cleansers appear to be really effective.
It also has the potential to severely harm the surface of your manufactured stone. You cannot use any cleansers of your choosing on your stone surface, according to the facts.

You can destroy the physical qualities of engineered stone countertops if you expose them to harsh chemicals and solvents. This is one of the worst housekeeping habits you should break right now!

If you unintentionally expose the stone surface to any of the harmful chemical compounds, be sure to neutralize the effect with water or a spray cleaner and cream cleanser. If you are doubtful, seek the opinion of a specialist.

Bad Cleaning Habit #4: It's enjoyable to do your own cleaning.
If you are dealing with simple surface cleaning, do-it-yourself cleaning methods are beneficial. A short wipe will not keep your surface clean and for 15 minutes its just not necessary. You will need to spend just the right amount of time. However, while cleaning the surface, there are some more critical aspects to consider.

You should consult a stone care specialist (we have a number of them eager to help you!) for anything that demands severe attention and precision.
Do not hesitate to contact us if your engineered stone surface requires resealing, repolishing, or resurfacing. You'll end up saving a lot of money!


Do you want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about the top cleaning habits you should stop doing right now, joining our online community is a terrific approach to become more diversified, informed, and skilled at caring for your stone surfaces.
Allow us to hear your voice, and we will make the finest recommendation!

Chat with our team of specialists today for free professional guidance and other helpful suggestions on how to care for your quartz engineered stone surfaces!
We are delighted to share our knowledge with you.

Consider these top cleaning habits you should stop right now for a safe and naturally effective approach to clean engineered quartz surfaces.
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