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Trials And Trends In Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

Trends In Maintaining Natural Stone Floors. Natural stone is absolutely stunning and offers countless opportunities for sustainable interior and exterior design. While natural stone being simply gorgeous, they’re also delicate and come with their own set of vulnerabilities and sensitivities. 

Though delicate, they are NOT as hard to maintain as some may think they are. In fact, the only main thing that you can do to upkeep your stone surfaces looking great and awesome is by keeping these surfaces clean and dry where possible. It is important to note that natural stone needs the best care, maintenance, and a lot of looking after. So, here’s the list of the different trends in maintaining natural stone floors.


TRENDS On Natural Stone

 T  extured Finishes

Last year, one of the trends on maintaining natural stone floors is the list of custom designs that were on the market as a new trend and it will continue into the coming years. Different stone types not only add different textures to your place but also add characters and stories to the home. This is one of the good trends in maintaining natural stone floors. Don’t be afraid to explore. Play around with different combinations of colours, textures, and patterns. Just let your imagination run free.


 R  esistant To Weather

Most non calcite containing natural stone types are heat and frost resistant. It has a low water absorption and porousity render them as a water-resistant material. Thus, natural stone remains cool during the hot summer months. Moreover, snowfalls and a very cold climate can’t break or crack the surfaces of natural stone easily. Keep your stone surfaces look stunning and update them with new trends on maintaining natural stone floors.


 E  levate The Outdoors

Another new trend is working with your front yard. Your yard is another opportunity to make a strong statement and should be considered an extension of your home. Elevating your outdoor surfaces is one of the best trends in maintaining natural stone floors. You can create a unique comfortable outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends. Your outdoor space deserves to feel just as welcoming as your interior. Whether you have a tiny courtyard or a big sprawling front yard, start imagining an extravagant yard retreat with different trends on maintaining natural stone floors.


 N  atural Stone Flooring As An Overall Home Design

Trends and Trials on maintaining Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone flooring can complement other designs materials in the home, such as with timber and other natural stone applications. It’s your chance to think about what types of natural stone floor will catch your attention and make your house feel like your dream home. You can opt for patterns and textures that are minimalistic and easy on the eyes for a sophisticated jaw dropping space. Express your personality by investing in the newest trends in maintaining natural stone floors.


 D  iversity & Durability

Trends and Trials on Maintaining Natural Stone

Natural stone being unique, it can be used in numerous applications such as countertops, flooring, fireplaces, and more! Natural stone amplifies your creativity. One of the greatest trends in maintaining natural stone floors is their diversity where you can get inspiration and incorporate ideas from other stone flooring materials. The durability of natural stone can’t be found in other building materials. Think of Taj Mahal, The Coliseum, The Great Pyramid, all are magnificent creations from the use of natural stone.


 S  tone Floors That Stand The Test Of Time

Trends and Trials On Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

It’s important to educate yourself on which types of natural stone are best for you. Knowing the different trends in maintaining natural stone floors elevates the beauty and value of your investment. Also, understanding the various stone types truly helps you treat them well, carefully, and correctly. You just need to be sensitive to the maintenance requirements of your stone surfaces at all times. In that way, natural stone floors can stand the test of time.  

It is worth noting that good practices will need to be observed when maintaining and caring for your stone surfaces ensuring optimal outcomes are achieved. So, let’s look at points and true factors that you will encounter with regards to maintaining your stone floors.

Lifestyle - Each family has different day-to-day activities and lifestyles. This factor helps you maintain your natural stone floors effectively. Daily activities with high foot traffic on your floors should be taken into account. Floor surfaces differ in density, porousity, strength, durability, slip, and frost resistance. All of these need to be considered when taking good care of your natural stone surfaces.

Weather – Another point of consideration is the amount of direct sunlight your stone floors will get during all the seasonal changes. Natural stones adapt well to extreme changes in temperature but sometimes it tends to fade with excess UV exposure.

Décor – if you are totally unaware and clueless when it comes to colour wheel, Mr. Google, your friend is full of information about complementary tones and shades for your stone floor decors. Take into account the cabinets, curtains, fixtures, accessories, furnishings, and even hung paintings within the area. Make sure that you’re using appropriate colours and shades that won’t clash with the décor.

After factoring in all these necessary considerations, the end game is the price. You may need to either alter your budget or the stone floor size you had your heart and mindset on. Although natural stone is not the cheapest option, it is certainly the best value and choice for money because of its timeless beauty. It will look as beautiful in 20 years as they do now if caring for your stone surfaces becomes an important factor for the duration.

Natural stone has numerous advantages over alternative flooring materials. Maintenance is minimal as well as cost-effective, and stone in general has longevity and durability which allows them to be salvaged and reused time and again. Therefore, opting for natural stone floors rather than manufactured alternatives will indisputably benefit your area from both an aesthetic and practical point of view.

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