Week 2 : Turko Argento Tiles Re-Hone & Seal at The Vogue

Week 2 was indeed a much challenging task Simon Gabriel and I were assigned to complete. This time around it was at The Vogue shopping plaza located at Chapel Street, one of Melbourne's most vibrant fashion and food strips. The task was to Re-Hone & Seal an area size of 150m2 existing marble floor tiles known as Turko Argento at three entrances in two different levels.Being an area with heavy foot traffic, the job had to be carried out in a much planned and organised manner to avoid any sort of inconvenience to the public while we were carrying out the job. Floors that have high-traffic areas can become dull and lose their brilliance when dirt and other sediments (even sand from the bottom of your shoes) start eroding the stone's natural crystals. All that weight from the foot forces the dirt lying on the surface into the marble, this can cause an abrasion or fracturing of the delicate crystals in natural stone. The best and most proper way to bring back the crystals ability to reflect light, is to re-hone the floor. Once the Turko Argento floors were brought to a honed finish, the surface and grout of the floors were thoroughly cleaned using a special product developed by Lithofin, Germany to deep clean all natural stone surfaces called Lithofin MN Power-Clean. 24 hours after cleaning of the surface, it was sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer known as Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. Check out the before and after photos. Harish Rijkaard Visit Us At: www.stonedoctor.com.au
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