Week 4 : 2BSealed External Bluestone Tiles at Brighton

Bluestone is a natural stone, made by mother nature, as such, it may vary in colour and texture. Bluestone's  unique appearance is created when hot lava hits the water and small bubbles get trapped as the magma cools then solidify. It has a consistent grain and its grey tones can be either dramatic or subdued. Offering impressive slip and scratch resistance, bluestone tiles and paver then makes the ideal choice for residential and commercial use.

The service crew of Stone Doctor Australia led by Simon Gabriel were assigned to complete a 2BSealed project for 65 pieces of newly installed external bluestone pavers leading to a swimming pool. This particular residence was a beautiful heritage house that was built on Hawthorn bricks.

Cleaning and sealing each of the 65 bluestone tiles were done delicately and precisely in order to not damage or change the appearance of pebbles that were thrown around the tiles along the the pathway.

The surface of the tiles were cleaned using a suitable deep cleansing stone care product by Lithofin, Germany known as Lithofin MN Power-Clean that comes in two different packaging which is 1 litre or 5 litres.

24 hours after the tiles were cleaned, the surface was ready to be sealed using Lithofin Stainstop W, a premium grade water based and solvent free penetrating sealer. Lithofin Stainstop W is odourless and also known for its effectiveness of lasting for many years. Check out the before and after photos.

Harish Rijkaard

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