How to clean stone bench tops and vanities

I'm continually being asked what is the best product to regularly clean stone bench tops without leaving greasy residues which can develop through the use of many stone cleaners. The quickest and easiest way to correctly clean stone tops is with Lithofin MN Easy-Clean. This special maintenance cleaner from Lithofin Germany is designed specifically for stone removing food residues, finger prints, oil splashes and other dirts leaving a streak free hygienically clean surface. Customers love this cleaner because it's the quickest and easiest way to leave a surface clean and most importantly streak free. Continued use of Lithofin MN Easy-Clean protects impregnating sealers and enhances the materials appearance. And yes it does smell good! Greg Foulds Lithofin Australia  
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Hi Greg… Thanks for this information… It’s time every stone bench gets the right product to care for it. We get many enquries to restore damaged marble benches and other surfaces. This is somehow due to the improper use of cleaning products. Many shelve cleaning products are of general use and can hurt sensitive stone surfaces.

Simon Gabriel

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