3M being a giant global name and brand has millions of products under their umbrella.

Here at Stone Doctor Australia, we have selected about 10 unique products that we have found to be an excellent accompaniment when cleaning and polishing natural stone, engineered surfaces, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Our 3M cleaning cloths are ideal for use over natural and engineered stone surfaces.

They are made of high quality microfibres and will outperform any other product available in this category. This 3M cleaning cloths are now available from us as a single piece or in a pack of 10.

We always have in stock the 3M Doodlebug series which has unique cleaning tools and 3 different pad grits to choose from.

This 3M Doodlebug series comprises of a handblock and also has a swivel head attached to a handle for hard to reach staircase risers, 90 degree angles and obscure areas. The 3M abrasive pads are used on rough and textured surfaces while the 3M polishing pads are used on honed or polished natural and engineered stone surfaces. These pads are all interchangeable within this 3M Doodlebug series or system.

Also in stock are circular floor machine sized pads with the common diameter size of 43cm . We have the white cleaning pad, the black stripping pad and the natural blend pad which is the ideal pad when used to wet polish marble, limestone and travertine tile surfaces. Ask our trained consultants about which polishing product will suit your needs best. Natural blend pads are also used when polishing granite.

The marble floor restorative 3M Sienna & 3M Purple diamond pads are amazing and will assist you when quick refurbishment works are required over marble type floors. The 3M Sienna Pad will assist in removing minor scratches while the 3M Purple pad will provide a perfectly honed finish paving the way for the final polishing process as required.

Moving on to a little history and present day with 3M, it currently serves 5 business groups. Out of these 5, 3M cleaning cloths & 3M abrasive pads belong to 3M’s Industrial group. This group also produces their tapes, abrasives, adhesive, etc.. Founded in 1902, 3M was started by five businessmen looking into mining mineral deposits to create grinding abrasive wheels. After 3 years of mining in Lake Superior town, the deposits proved to be of low value and the new company, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. decided to move into Duluth in 1905 and started focusing on sandpaper products. In the early 1920s, the first waterproof sandpaper was developed.

In regards to our industry, The Scotch brand was developed continuously, Scotch-Brite® Cleaning Pads in the 1950s until today, the 3M cleaning cloth and 3M abrasive pads forms part of 3M’s history in serving the modern day cleaning industry.