3M Cleaning Pads & Cloths

Our consultants have curated a range of tried and tested premium stone cleaning product from 3M’s extensive range available in Australia. Be assured that these products are used by our service team and are perfectly suited for cleaning and polishing even the most sensitive of natural stones, engineered surfaces, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

The 3M cleaning cloths are made of the highest quality microfibre cloths that are ideal for use on natural and engineered stone. It is scratch free, machine washable and will be lint free even with prolong usage. These cleaning cloths can be purchased per piece or in a pack of 10.

3M cleaning pads are made for deep cleaning. Our most popular product in the 3M range for cleaning natural and engineered stones are the 3M cleaning pads. For the best results, use with Hand Block or Doodle Bug. There are three grades available in the Doodlebug series.

1. The white non-abrasive 3M cleaning pads are tough on stains but gentle enough for even the most delicate of natural stones.

2. 3M doodlebug brown abrasive scrubbing polyester pad is suitable for cleaning rough surfaces. It is abrasive and ideal for use on sawn finish external sandstone, bluestone and flamed granite. It is also great for initial cleaning of vitrified porcelain tiles.

3. For cleaning rough surfaces, opt for the 3M doodlebug black highly abrasive stripping pad. This highly abrasive pad is made to be used for use on sawn finished external sandstone, bluestone and flamed granite.

Our 3M circular floor machine sized pads are also popular especially in 43cm diameter with the white, natural fibre & black colour coded ones.

Founded in 1902, 3M was started by five businessmen looking into mining mineral deposits to create grinding abrasive wheels. The conglomerate has since diversified and expanded into many product ranges. The company’s cleaning arm- the Scotch brand was developed in the 1950s.

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