Spot stains can now be removed from polished marble or any other natural or engineered stone surface for that matter. Absorbed spot stains can be poulticed out with our stain remover which contains highly active ingredients that will penetrate, emulsify and extract general stains i.e. food colourants, oils, coffee, tea, etc.. Say goodbye to annoying those spots stains for good. Bellinzoni has a reputation for being premium in the stone industry since its inception in 1937. 

We have great DIY Kits to care for your stone benchtops. These kits contain individual small packs of cleaning and sealing products. Stone Benchtops of either natural or engineered stone can now be protected with relative ease and you will not require the service of a stone care professional. These kits were designed for you and definitely for your stone benchtops. With Bellinzoni products, DIY work can show a great level of success.

Other products you will find here is an active organic stain remover, an array of cleaning detergents to suit the requirements and a premium water based stone impregnating sealer that offers exceptional protection from water and oil based staining. Call and speak to one of our team members for your requirements and for the right Bellinzoni product recommendations. Ring us on 03-9429 1223 today!

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