(Premium Clear Solid Epoxy). Bellinzoni Epox Premium Solid - 1.5kg Set

Premium Clear Solid Epoxy

Two component premium clear solid epoxy resin with high transparency and very low yellowing for gluing, jointing & filling of various types of granites, marble and all stone in general. Ideal for very hard and crystalline materials where adhesion of polyester based adhesives fails and is insufficient.

Bellinzoni Epox Premium Solid is a premium clear solid epoxy which is super transparent. It has very high bonding strength and adheres well also to slightly wet stone surfaces. It fills large flaws and makes excellent correction which otherwise would be considered waste.

Being an Italian import from a company that has been in the industry since 1937, you can rest assure that our premium clear solid epoxy is pure and of the highest grade available to you. 

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