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BONA Floor Care was founded in 1919 and started as a family owned company.

Its founder Wilhelm Edner opened a small grocery shop in Malmö, Sweden in 1894. As the business kept on improving, in 1910 he introduced a floor wax into the market as a side income and over the next few years, his floor wax product was a success and he then set up the business called Aktiebolaget BONA manufacturing and selling a range of floor care products. This range of products took on very quickly in Sweden and is known today as the BONA Floor Care System.

Embracing innovation and progress, BONA Floor Care grew into a multinational company and is present in more than 90 countries around the world through its subsidiaries and distributors. This unique Floor Care System now provides complete state of the art solutions for installation, maintenance and renovation of wood floor products. 

Back to more history, In 1953, BONA introduced the D-503 Floor Sealer. It became so popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland impelling BONA to become an export oriented industrial group. The company continued to introduce new innovative products making BONA become the pioneer in waterborne finish back in 1979.

In 1984, BONA Floor Care entered into the UV finishes market and introduced more specialized waterborne finishes. It gained more subsidiaries under its umbrella in Europe, Asia and South America.

By the year 2010, BONA now has a complete floor care system of products for every wood flooring focused on total care solutions needed by its customers.

BONA Floor Care having consistent performance saw them penetrating into the stone industry providing high quality and innovative products for its care.

From being a timber floor ultra specialist company seeing a viable market in stone maintenance and floor care, has come up with a great innovative system for this that has taken the market by storm.

Committed to the care of wooden floors and now stone and tile, BONA has been continuously devoted time to research and develop ongoing solutions for homes, professional establishments and industrial sectors.

BONA's 2 main categories for floor care comprises of a bucketless mopping system. You will find their unique patented floor mops reliable with refillable cartridges at your disposal. This bucketless mopping system also has larger bottles of its consumables making the system cost effective. Save more than 50% time lost when mopping with regular mops. Kick back and relax. Reward yourself from the time you just saved.

  • BONA Cleaning Pad - 1 Pc - Stone Doctor Australia - BONA

    BONA Cleaning Pad - 1 Pc


    A High Quality & Washable Microfibre Cleaning Pad Which Attaches To The Bona Spray Mops.

  • BONA Dusting Pad - 1 Pc - Stone Doctor Australia - BONA

    BONA Dusting Pad - 1 Pc


    A Fluffy Washable Microfibre Pad Which Is Easily Attached To The Bona Mop. This Dusting Pad Is An Excellent Way Of Picking Up Dust Before Damp Mopp...

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