Cleaning tools play an important role in the care and maintenance of natural stone, engineered surfaces, porcelain and ceramic.

Natural stone kitchen benches, vanities, floors including bathroom shower walls and recess not only adds beauty to your home but sheer elegance and class.

The big challenge here is how to keep these high maintenance surfaces looking great at all times and if you thought there were some special secrets, well unfortunately there is none. All we can do is to help guide you to use approved cleaning tools and time tested care and maintenance products. We can also help formulate schedules for best practices of which you will need to implement for daily cleaning, weekly, monthly and also for yearly periodic care.

There are many care and maintenance products on the market right now. Though many users still mop floors with warm water, or add a little dishwashing detergent. These practices are still being used and cannot be denied. Lithofin in Germany has spent countless number of years perfecting their daily cleaning products and have been at it since 1953. Would you not agree with me that we should trust LIthofin and use products that are designed for stone care?

Among cleaning tools that are essential is to have a suitable dust mop or a dry vacuum cleaner with the correct attachment. Moving on, you would need a proper mop. Traditional wet mops tend to carry too much water they often carry dirty solution and dirt continues to build up over the surfaces especially in the grout. We recommend the use of our Rubbermaid Pulse Mop which is microfibre and has a built-in reservoir to hold the mopping solution (Lithofin MN Easy-Care) in place eliminating the use of mopping buckets. With this mop, you have the liberty of dispensing just the right amount of solution which is ideal. For all other care and periodic maintenance requirements, you may need to call in a stone care expert to look out for any signs of wear and tear, surface etching, etc.. and to provide you with a quick remedy nipping the problem in its early days before it becomes a huge issue which can be very expensive owing to lengthy and tedious tasks that comes with full restoration.

Our 2 main daily cleaning or regular use cleaning products are:

  1. Lithofin MN Easy-Clean
    Ready to use spray & wipe product. Streak-free and used on benches, vanities, fireplaces, etc..

  2. Lithofin MN Easy-Clean
    Concentrated and is used to mop floors. An economical option.
All our cleaning tools have been finely selected and meets with its own requirements. It certainly outperforms similar products found in the market. Ask our sales consultants if you are unsure on which tools you will need to keep your stone surfaces looking great at all times.