Restoration of natural stone floors are complexed and it requires high levels of experience to overcome the numerous challenges associated with it. Having 20 years of our own industry experience and now pairing up with Coor Kleever has certainly cemented our position here in Australia as a leader in the supply of natural stone restoration and maintenance products.

Stone Doctor Australia is now the exclusive distributor of Coor Kleever products based in Melbourne looking after the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Having Coor Kleever in Australia today simply means we now have an advanced system of cleaning, grinding, polishing and crystallizing marble, granite and concrete floors right here at your disposal. Coor Kleever has been in the market for 54 years and they have their presence in over 60 countries. This Spanish company has the best polishing and crystallization products and you will need to try them out to see how efficient they are. This collective system undoubtedly will add value to your current processes. Coor Kleever products are trustworthy and when used with their robust well designed CP400 Floor Machine, you will get remarkable results each and every time.

Marble and Stone Floor Crystallization

Coor Kleever invented the crystallization process in 1960. This process contributed to the company’s success. The system they invented directed the company’s main product line which is the manufacturing of polishing machines and other products that were vital in the crystallization process of marble and stone floor surfaces. In a nutshell, when a floor is crystallized, its brings back the lost polished finish to the stone floor surface just like how it originally was plus it will make the surface more resistant to abrasion.

Coor Kleever products comprises of floor machines, diamond abrasives, polishing chemicals, crystallization fluids and flexible diamond floor pads.

Having Coor & Kleever in Australia with their complete system through our distribution has certainly changed the art of stone restoration, maintenance and care. Today it is all about using the latest advancements in Stone Care technology bring unprecedented results.

Coor & Kleever in Australia is looking to assist building owners, property managers and commercial cleaning contractor to uplift existing worn stone surfaces and have them renovate and rejuvenate marble, limestone, travertine, granite, terrazzo and concrete floors back to its former glory. Once the surfaces have been restored, Coor Kleever's maintenance system will see your floor surfaces looking great at all times.

Special machine accessories are all available in stock. We have the planetary grinding heads, splash guards, solution tanks, pump bottles, brushes, diamond pad holders etc.. These collection of accessories will enable you to complete any stone restoration and maintenance tasks with relative ease.

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