Dia-Glo & Marble Polishing Chemicals

Dia-Glo polishing chemicals are formulated to achieve the best possible finish for maintaining and restoring natural stone surfaces. DiaGlo Polishing Powder type M specially formulated for marble surfaces. However, it also works great with limestone.

The Dia-Glo polishing chemicals are highly recommended by our consultants for their quality finish. For example, the DiaGlo Polishing Powder type M it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of marbles, yet it will give you a remarkable high quality finish with minimal effort.

DiaGlo Polishing Powder type M is favoured by professionals in Australia for its ease of use and ability to bring out the best in a marble surface, especially if you are after a glossy, mirror-like finish for your marble surfaces.

Just apply the product with your buff polishing pad or with a little water and a muslin wheel and buff it to the finish required. Kindly note that this product is for professional use only.