The brand Diarex is the collective effort of five companies, the Diarex Group has the biggest inventories of stone working tools, equipment and accessories operating in 3 continents.

Each of the five companies are recognized leaders in supplying stone working tools and machinery for natural and engineered stones.

We have in stock 3 categories of stone working tools under this brand. They are:

Cutting Blades, Core Drill Bits, Hand Block Abrasives.

Diarex blades or circular saw blades comes in various sizes and uses catering for all stone types hard and soft including that of porcelain and ceramic. They efficiently cut natural stone like marble, granite and quartz. Engineered surfaces of all types are cut with relative ease while special 105mm blades that squarely cuts porcelain and ceramic tiles. They are all engineered differently by understanding each substrates requirement. Diarex blades are safe to use, strong, long lasting and far more superior in comparison to other cutting blades in the market.

Our top selling Diarex blades happens to be the Diarex Turbo Blade series. See the list of available blades below:

105 mm Diarex Ultra Turbo Ultra Thin - For Porcelain
105 mm Diarex Viper Turbo Ultra Thin - For Ceramics
125 mm Diarex ES Turbo - For Regular Engineered Surfaces
125mm Diarex Turbo Tornado Premium - For Hard Engineered Surfaces
125 mm Diarex Velocity Turbo - For Fast Cutting Of Engineered Surfaces
125 mm Diarex Extreme Turbo - For Regular Granite
125 mm Diarex Fine Cut Turbo Premium - For Hard Granite
125 mm Diarex Legend Vacuum Brazed - For Marble & Travertine
125 mm Diarex Rim Blade Electroplated With Side Pads Silver - For Soft Limestone

These Diarex turbo blades feature a new generation of diamond matrix with unique individual segmented patterns to fit in with the demand of a clean and fast cut. Use these high quality German manufactured Diarex turbo blades with full confidence.

Our range of Diarex Core Drill Bits can be used on marble, limestone, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, granite and engineered stone surfaces. These Diarex Core Drill Bits can we used either wet or dry. They come is the following diameter sizes of: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm & 80mm. They outlast existing brands in terms of longevity and its ability to perfectly core and this is due to their high European manufacturing standards. Diarex Core Drill Bits is a must for every tradesmen needing to punch or puncture holes on stone and tiles successfully.

Another unique product range that we have in stock is the Diarex Diaflex Hand Block Abrasive. These Diarex Diaflex Hand Block Abrasives comprises of fine quality manufactured synthetic diamonds and can be used to smoothen, re-hone and polish manually by hand. Available grits are: #60, #120, #200, #400, #800, #1800 & #3000. Ask our professional consultants which Diarex Diaflex Hand Block Abrasive grit you will require to start off with.