We have a wide range of tile installation tools namely from brands like Ardex, Flex, Diarex & Tuscan.

They are all fully imported and are of impressive quality. Every tool you require to start and complete your Stone tile installation projects are right here and always available in stock.

Before you set out on a tiling project, you need to get yourself and your team prepared well with the necessary tools, accessories and machinery. We believe we have everything you need and more plus we have a door to door delivery service to any location in Australia.

Our tile installation tools are in the following categories. They are: Circular saw blades, finishing trowels, notch trowels, cleaning sponges, tile nippers, cross spacers, a double speed electric adhesive mixer,  grout saws, epoxy grout floats, grouting guns, marking pencils, metal suction cups, tile wedges, notch spreaders, scrapers, gauging trowels, splash trowels, silicone caulking guns, single edge razor blades, rubber mallets, core drill bits, complete tile levelling systems, angle grinders, multi speed dry polishers, multi speed wet polishers and much much more. Ask any of our team members about any additional information that you may require on our tile installation tools.

Stone tile installation is regarded as a slow and careful process with minimal allowances for error.

You will need a good combination of skills, tools, a proper adhesive, suitable grouts, a pre-sealer, etc.. plus good knowledge and past experiences when working with natural stone tiles such as that of marble, limestone and granite. We at Stone Doctor Australia can provide you with important advice throughout your project arming you with more confidence when handling natural stone tiles or even slabs. Our trained consultants can give you free advice on stone tile installation and the many complications it comes with. Having the right tile installation tools are tantamount in achieving great tiling outcomes.

Look out for our tile leveling system from Tuscan. This amazing system eliminates lippage on small, medium and even large format tiles. Tile like a professional by having a seamless feel right across the walls or floors that you are tiling hence creating a lippage free surface. We currently have 2 different types of tile levelling systems and they are:

1. Tuscan Tile Leveling System
2. Tuscan Red Seam Clip

The 1st system will be better suited for a professional tiler and the 2nd would certainly suit a DIY Tiler. Either way, our Tile leveling system will give you beautifully tiled wall and floors. It can be safely used when tiling natural stone, engineered tiles, porcelain, ceramic, concrete and most other tiles. Contact us at 03-9429 1223 for more information.