König stone products begun in 1925 when a civil engineer was dismissed from the government.

Joseph König started his own company buying a smith, an anvil, a lathe after loaning 5,000 Reichsmark, renting a small workshop in Durchlach’s Rebenstrasse. This started the production of tools for stonemasons and sculptors.

The first specialty tool were chisels with 240mm width. The first employees where salesmen on bicycles, after two years the company hired four employees and two apprentices. The workshop had become too small with the growing tool production and Joseph König bought a building in Marstallstrasse and increased its production. By 1929, König published its first tool catalog. In 1930, Adam Petri, Joseph’s son-in-law became manager of production and developed new tools of high quality steel which are today’s REXID tools ancestors.

J. König died in 1939 and Gertrud Petri his daughter continued managing the company with her husband Adam who died in Russia two years later of war injuries. The factory was closed temporarily after.

By 1966, Hans Gertrud’s son joined the company. Tungsten carbide tools was added to the production of traditional steel tool line with REXID tungsten carbide tools as its first brand name.

By 1973, König had employed 100 people with its continued expansion. And in the late 1960s, it established a Department for Development and Production of Diamond Tools. Diamond blades are the core of the DIAREX brand name and became the most important product line in the history of the company.

As soon as the 1970s started, König became the market leader in circular saw blades producing 3.5 meters and as its product range grew it needed to meet the demands of the entire stone processing industry.

König went international when it entered the American market in 1975 in cooperation with GranQuartz Trading in Atlanta, Georgia. Trade expanded worldwide reaching as fast as the Far East. In its 25 years in the business, König succeeded in creating a network of international business partners. This culminated the establishment of the DIAREX Group in 2001 and formed the alliance of companies in Germany, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Ulrich, Walter König’s son joined the company in 1989. By 1994, Franziska Petri, Hans Petri’s daughter joined the company and seven years later his son Daniel followed. König is a four generation family business that kept a complete financial independence.

We at Stone Doctor Australia only resells their range of high quality neutral cure silicones which is essential for use over sensitive stone surfaces.

König’s neutral cure silicone comes in many colours to choose from. Excellent for use on polished marble, limestone and travertine.

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