MB Stone Care Terrazzo Polishing

Founded in 1989 by Maurizio Bertoli, MB Stone Care has since then been specializing in the production of marble, granite, limestone, travertine and other natural stone cleaning products.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the stone industry, MB Stone Care products are known to be of high quality and they are manufactured in the USA. The research and development arm at MB Stone Care is well known for their extensive effort in finding new and innovative solutions to overcome the constant challenges faced in the natural stone industry.

Our top selling MB Stone Care products is their unique marble polishing compound called MB-11.

This product comprises of a combination of specialty abrasives and catalysts that makes the art of marble polishing relatively easy to implement without the need of any power tools. MB-11 is designed for spot polishing very mild acid etch marks on polished marble, travertine, limestone and any other calcite-based stone.

MB–2 is heavy duty stone tile and grout cleaner.

This product is tough on dirt and grime at the same time designed to be gentle on sensitive stone surfaces. You can trust and use MB Stone Care products with full confidence. MB Stone Care solves problems.

MB-22 is a specialised terrazzo polishing powder. Provides premium polished finish

We now have this new MB Stone Care product in store. We also have MB-18 Marble Polishing Powder.. Kindly inquire within.