It is no secret that stone waxes have been used in the natural stone trade for all these years.

Stone waxes have a special healing effect when used on dulled stone surfaces. It gives it back colour and depth rejuvenating the stone surface.

A liquid wax which is usually a solvent based wax is the common type of wax available in the market. It allow a more uniform application as waxes generally needs a minimal amount to successfully create a silky finish over benchtops or vanities as compared to solid waxes.

Traditionally stone waxes were used to hide imperfections that were left behind from the stone production process like over the bullnose, mitres, verticals, etc.. Solvent based waxes have the ability to penetrate deeper into the substrate giving more depth to the colour structure of the surface being waxed.

Any liquid wax or in general stone waxes should not be used on floor surfaces as they make them slippery. It can be dangerous as the slip resistance of a floor can be completely altered turning it into a huge hazard.

In our range of solvent based stone waxes, we have 6 products which offer a different solution as they each produce different outcomes.

Lithofin MN Polish (Liquid Wax) forms a thin shiny film when applied and buffed over. Whereas Tenax Cera Fuida or Tenax Liquid Wax produces a thicker film and is deemed more durable. Creates a high gloss sheen and re-waxing of the surface may need to be done only after 6 months. Lastly Tenax Uniblack 2 is designed for use on dark or black marble and granite surfaces. It forms a film similar to that of Tenax Cera Fluida.

3 Products from Bellinzoni are their Silicone Wax VX-SL, Special Preparation Paste Black & Special Preparation Paste Neutral which are all excellent stone waxes.

These waxes can be removed when required using Lithofin Wax-Off. Waxes generally attracts dirt and hence will need to be removed quite often to keep the surface looking fresh. Select and re-apply any of these liquid wax products that you have previously used after cleaning the surface thoroughly.

Most of our liquid wax products are conveniently packed in 1L / 1kg containers while the paste waxes are in 350gms. Use a suitable polish cloth to apply and use a different polish cloth to buff it off. Using a slow speed hand held polishing machine will render a much higher yield.

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