Use only neutral cure silicone when working with marble, limestone, travertine and all other acid sensitive stone materials. It is a non staining | non etching silicone to fill expansion joints. Mapesil LM natural stone silicone range absolutely assures you that there is no danger of migration of softeners or other components that could bleed into the edge of the stone.

Our brand of marble silicone is from Italy and it is of the highest European Standards.

This neutral cure silicone will form a flexible waterproof sealant around joints and will keep surfaces water tight for many years.

It is truly easy to apply and has good tooling properties. It contain emollients that provides superior adherence to the substrate providing unparalleled protection. Our neutral cure silicones contains fungicides built in to resist mold growth. However re-caulking all joints in wet areas are encouraged every 18 - 24 months. This is also how long the fungicides in this neutral cure silicone can last. Once the fungicide expires, it will give rise to the growth of mold. Regular cleaning and airing out the areas will help extend the lifespan of these expansion joints.

It will remain elastic after curing. It does not shrink and keeps its color and is waterproof. It is resistant to most chemicals and solvents and at the same time it is non – toxic after curing. It adheres to glass and most building materials.

This marble silicone which is also known as natural stone silicone is great for use on all natural stone types including that of granite and for all engineered stone. Mapesil LM from Italy represents our selected range of neutral cure silicone and were not designed for the DIY market but more for professional users like tilers and caulkers.

We have seen extreme damages caused by tradesmen when using the wrong silicone products. Regular silicones are usually acetic acid cured and they leave a trail of acid damage on these beautiful stone surfaces. It is a terrible shame and we hope by constantly educating the market, we can get everyone to understand why special marble silicone products are necessary when working with sensitive natural stone materials.

Our natural stone silicone 310ml cartridges comes in 13 different colours to choose from including that of white, silver grey, cement grey, anthracite, black, jasmine & beige 2000.

All our neutral cure silicone are available in store or online. Phone orders are also accepted. Call us now at 03-9429 1223.

*Neutral Cure Silicone = Natural Stone Silicone = Marble Silicone