All natural stones types are porous in their own right some being highly impervious while other just absorb liquids just like a stick of chalk. It is by nature that different levels of porosity is found throughout natural stone and this can be addressed by using the right stone sealer. A proper stone sealer or stone impregnator can treat the surface 1 - 3mm deep by filling all the micropores and capillaries with sealer molecules that adhere to the stone. This will make the surface impervious to absorbing liquids while rendering it still fully breathable.

With many brands in the market and with consumers looking for a bargain almost definitely lands them in trouble. Generic sealers and topical sealers that are sold cheaply at hardware stores actually causes more harm than good.

We at Stone Doctor Australia only sell Lithofin Stone Sealer products which are manufactured in Germany using advanced European formulas and technology. Today water based penetrating sealers have made a huge impact in the market providing safer stone sealing solutions with low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). These almost odourless water based penetrating sealers have the ability to penetrate deeply into the substrate being treated and this is great from the perspective of protecting the stone. The following are a list of our stone impregnator products and their intended use:

Stainstop W - Recommended for use on natural and engineered stone surfaces. Recommended for use on honed surfaces.

MN Stain-Stop ECO - For highly porous natural stone types. Highly recommended for porous limestone.

KF Stain-Stop - For porcelain and ceramic tiles.

KF Grout Protector - For grout on ceramic tiles.

Water based penetrating sealers today performs just as well as any solvent based product.

It is important to note that all wet areas should be sealed every 2 years and dry areas every 5 - 7 years. All our stone impregnators have the ability to block off water and oily liquids from potentially absorbing and staining its surface.

Water based penetrating sealers are easy to apply. You can either use a low pressure spray, medium pile roller, sheep wool applicator or even by using cotton towels for smaller areas. Remember to always buff off any excess sealer thoroughly after 30 minutes of application. Good instructions are provided on the label of all our sealers. Ask our stone care consultants for the relevant method statements that you might need for more information and as a guide for your sealing projects.

*Stone Impregnators = Stone Penetrating Sealers.


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