Our stone protection products refers to our penetrating stone sealers. It is by using a good penetrating sealer that your surfaces can or will be protected from absorbing stains. With many substandard products in the market today, it has become absolutely critical that penetrating sealer selection should not be compromised. Substandard products can cause more harm than good.

At Stone Doctor Australia, you will find a few different stone protection products as they cater to different applications based on the type of stone, or its finish or whether you want it to stay invisible or to be colour enhanced.

The main objective of using stone protection products is to keep the surfaces safe from absorbing stains while making it certain that maintenance will be a whole lot easier. However, if you are looking at temporarily protecting your new floors just after installation or old ones for a renovation project, then we have a product called Landolt Floorliner Vapor. which you might find truly interesting.

Before a sealer can be applied, the surface has to be thoroughly cleaned and kept dry. Never seal a surface that is dirty, grimy and a dusty surface. The process of stone cleaning and sealing is to be taken seriously. Using approved products and having experienced applicators will ensure your stone cleaning and sealing projects will go as planned. We do offer this professional service currently to clients in Metro Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Call us at 03-9429 1223 to enquire. Our experienced field services technician will evaluate each job to ensure that the right cleaning techniques are being used along with an appropriate sealer. We do take stone cleaning and sealing to the next level.

In this part of our store, you will find unique protection kits.

There are 4 kits for you to choose from and they are:

1.Natural Stone Care Kit BE
Ideal to clean, seal and maintain smaller stone surfaces i.e. vanities, benches, fireplace surrounds, etc..

2.Ultra Ever Dry Pro Kit
Amazing product that can waterproof most articles from clothes, boots, tools, etc.. with extreme water repellency.

3.Stainless Steel Rejuvenating Kit
Cleans & protects all stainless steel surfaces. Excellent for kitchen counters and sinks.

4.Shower Glass Protection Kit
This is an amazing product. This shower glass protection kit will coat the shower screens with a nano coating and will continuously bead off water making maintenance a breeze. No more aggressive cleaning methods. Our easy to use shower glass protection kit can be used on external parts of windows and doors of your house. This will save you money in the long run reducing expensive glass cleaning services. This shower glass protection kit only needs to be re-applied every 5 years.

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