Rubbermaid products was built in 1920 by the Wooster Rubber Company, a maker of toy balloons.

The company started the rubber houseware business in 1935 and introduced the first rubber dustpan.

The company started producing its first plastic product in 1955 and called it a dishpan that launched the Wooster Rubber Company in the houseware business. During the 1950’s Rubbermaid products created a breakthrough product in the hotel industry – a safety bath mat with suction cups at the bottom. This heightened the development of the company and led to the establishment of Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

Being in the business for almost 40 years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products proved itself as a leader consistent with its heritage. By 1970, Rubbermaid was the leader in technology conversion from metal and wood to plastic and developed high performing industrial and agricultural products. It acquired Seco Industries in 1986 and expanded into the cleaning business.

Rubbermaid Inc. merged with Newell Co. and put up Newell Brands Inc. in 1999 with $6 billion in sales. Rubbermaid Commercial Products headquarters was established in 2006 in Luxembourg.

Rubbermaid Inc. acquired Technical Concepts in April 2008, a leading manufacturer of washroom hygiene and fragrance products.

Today, Rubbermaid products continues to expand offering the market more substantial and user required products with top shelf quality.

Stone Doctor Australia is a reseller of the Rubbermaid Microfibre Pulse Mop & its additional sleeves.

We have found this item extremely robust and helps save more that 50% of the actual time spent on mopping floors. Self containing reservoir completely eliminates the use of buckets when mopping. Buy Rubbermaid Products online from our store today and get quick deliveries Australia Wide.

When you buy Rubbermaid Products online, you can be assured that it represents one of the many tested products that we keep in stock and that we have many satisfied customers enjoying the time saved when mopping.

Also do not forget to pickup Lithofin MN Easy-Care when you buy this Rubbermaid Product online. It is the ideal stone maintenance and care product that will keep your natural stone floors looking pristine at all times. Just add a few drops and mix with water and fill the reservoir. Buy Lithofin KF Vitra-Clean if your floors are of porcelain or ceramic tiles.

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