We hear almost daily on how cleaning natural stone surfaces can go wrong for some individuals that use the wrong products for this task. Many use vinegar to clean grout, chlorine based domestic spray cleaners like BAM or Mr. Muscle and end up completely ruining these sensitive stone surfaces.

Cleaning natural stone has to be done correctly using approved and time tested cleaning products.

Here in our store, you will find we have all the products you need and more. Look out for our natural stone care kits which could be particularly helpful if you are looking at the smallest quantity of products and at a fraction of the cost.

The Lithofin PE Kit has 3 different products including MN Power-Clean, MN Polish Cream & MN Easy-Clean in small packaging for your convenience. With our natural stone care kits, we also have a bench kit that comes with 2 sizes of MN Easy-Clean with an original microfibre cloth.

Caring for natural stone needs time, attention to detail and the use of approved products.

We at Stone Doctor Australia understand your issues may be over a small bench surface and will not need big quantities of product. Therefore do take advantage of our natural stone care kits that are designed specifically for those who require great products offered at minimal quantity.

Caring for natural stone would need some basic understanding.

The most basic would be that they are sensitive to acidity especially marble, limestone and travertine. Therefore it is tantamount that all acidic foods stuff, acidic personal care products and acidic cleaning products be taken and kept away from these natural stone surfaces. One of our specialized kits includes a 100 strip pH test kit that will allow you to test all liquids for acidity. This way, you will protect your surfaces from getting acid damaged or acid etched when you know which are the liquids that are causing these damages.

Cleaning natural stone products that we carry are either Lithofin which is from Germany and MB Stone Care that is American. They both represent top global brand names when it comes to stone care and stone protection. Caring for natural stone has been made easy by these 2 brands as they have a fine range of products to choose from. They are available online, in store or you could call us up to place your orders. Stone Doctor Australia delivers all products right to your doorstep.

All products are tried and tested rigorously before we even started selling them. We always want what is best for your natural stone and engineered surfaces. If you have further questions about how you can maintain your tiles and slabs, let us know and we will be happy to serve you.