Welcome to our specialised care area. Here you will find unique marble cleaning products that will solve tricky problems when dealing with delicate materials such as marble, travertine and limestone.

Our unique marble cleaning products comprises of:

1. MN Outdoor Cleaner
A unique formulation used as an outdoor paver cleaner. It is quick acting over dark mold buildup. Just spray this outdoor paver cleaner over the entire surface and let it stand. After the required time, scrub and wash down preferably with a water jet using medium pressure. See you outdoor pavers transform before your eyes. Use our outdoor paver cleaner confidently over natural stone pavers that have a sawn, chiselled, exfoliated or on a flamed finished surface.

2. MB-3 Soap Film Remover
This special product is for cleaning bathroom walls and floors that have natural stone tiles which are heavily laden with buildup of Soap Film or Soap Scum. This is a result of hard water or the formation of insoluble salts on the surface. This soap film remover cuts through layers of this unsightly residue and makes your stone surfaces look clean and fresh like how it once was. This soap film remover is safe for use on polished marble. You can trust MB Stone Care range of unique marble cleaning products from America to provide great results each and every time.

3. MB-9 Instant Mildew Remover
Formulated with special mold killing ingredients. It can be used on most stone surfaces including that of marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, serpentine, etc.. Always test in an inconspicuous area before working on the whole area. Just apply and within minutes, dark and orange mold will disappear. Light scrubbing might be required. Rinse surface thoroughly.

In this area of our store, you will find other friendly unique marble cleaning products designed for use over these highly sensitive surfaces. You will find a rust remover, a mold remover for porcelain and ceramics tiles, stone waxes, a DIY marble polishing compound, an abrasive particle cleaner for porcelain surfaces and periodic deep cleansing products for natural stone.

If you need guidance in selecting the right product for your current requirements, call and speak with one of our team members and they will be happy to assist you. Call 03-9429 1223.

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Lithofin also has a complete range to care products for porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

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