We have 7 very different and unique products here. They represent stone and marble stain removers, a sealant remover and a wax stripper.

They are imported from Germany & Italy respectively and certainly act as trouble-shooting products which are a necessity in the stone industry. Stone and marble stain removers has helped on numerous accounts to save stained materials that would otherwise will have little or no aesthetic value.

The common stains found in natural stone are usually rust and oil. Natural stone having Iron content can become rust patterns through oxidation with the presence of water or moisture. As for oil stains, it usually happens on kitchen benches especially the cooktop bench and the splashback. This oils really come from food preparation and cooking. Oil staining truly can be prevented if the surface is sealed well.

BERO can only be used on granite surfaces to remove rust. It very slowly removes rust stains which can take a few hours for this task to complete. Always test product on a sample tile or in an inconspicuous areas. This product is acidic and cannot be used on marble, limestone and travertine type surfaces. We have another product for use on these sensitive stone types. The product is called Rust-EX. Click here to find out more.

As for oil stains, we have Oil-EX gel. Place this gel at least ¾” thick over the stained area and cover it up with clipwrap and tape up all sides to make a moisture barrier. After 24 hours, the stain should be gone. Repeat again if necessary. These 2 stain removers have resolved numerous problems in the past. However these stone and marble stain removers may not work on occasions as stain removal can be subjective. Some stains are deemed permanent.

ASR is the strongest alkaline cleaner we have and it also works as a sealant remover.

In order for ASR to break the surface tension of a sealed surface, it needs to be worked in minimally for an hour. During this time, the sealer molecules are being dislodged from the stone surface. This is an important process to reverse wrongly applied sealers. It is designed for use with our Lithofin range of penetrating sealer products but we cannot make any comments of its ability to work on other stone sealer brands.

Our Wax-OFF as the name suggests is a wax, oil and coating remover. It works extremely well as a wax stripper as the product is solvent based. Apply product over the areas that needs stripping and leave it for 5 - 20 minutes brushing or scrubbing occasionally. Then add water and brush the surface. Wet vacuum and rinse thoroughly. It is a one of a kind wax stripper that cuts through layers of dirt, grime, fresh paint, adhesives, etc..

Included in this category is also ALGEX. This product kills green mold. Excellent to clean external pavers, outdoor furniture, awnings, wood fences, etc..

As all these stone and marble stain removers are designed for professional use, it is best that you get some technical help and advice from our team if you have had no previous experience working with similar products.