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The stone care tools found in our store are a collection of installation, post installation and those of maintenance and care. 

With our comprehensive range, you will find premium stone care tools, cleaning products, penetrating protective sealers, stain removers, troubleshooting type products, etc.. 


Our shop has the best stone care tools & tile cleaning products in Australia.

Why we say this? Well they have been tracked down by industry expert for years. Being much sought after solely on highest performance, you will discover that they are finely and meticulously formulated products having an extremely gentle approach to the sensitivity of stone. Our stone care tools & tile cleaning products in Australia are a class above all else and can be use on natural stone, engineered surfaces, porcelain, ceramics, quarry tiles, etc.. They are mostly German and there are some from USA.

Looking through our installation products, you will find plenty of stone working tools, stone glues | mastic with different colours, tiling adhesives, grouts, waterproofing, etc.. In the category of post installation products, there are products to clean, seal and surface improvement abrasives. Our stone and tile care cleaning products are our stores top sellers and are highly popular both in the domestic as well as commercial applications. When heavily invested is Grade A natural stone slabs or tiles for your project or own use, why take any chance of ruining them. Go with uncompromising certainty. Our stone care tool & cleaning products are a standout and will do you proud.

You will find after looking through our tile and floor care products, we also have an advanced floor polishing system to polish marble, limestone, travertine, granite and concrete. 

Have a look at our breathable temporary floor protection rolls from Switzerland.

  • Laid Back Dish Brush - Stone Doctor Australia - Household Cleaning > Tools > Dish Brush
    Laid Back Dish Brush - Stone Doctor Australia - Household Cleaning > Tools > Dish Brush

    Laid Back Dish Brush

    from $20.00

    LAID BACK DISH BRUSH  WHY WE LOVE IT The Laid Back Dish Brush balances functionality and aesthetics while reducing waste to a minimum.   Ergonomic...

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