Do you want to find your new floor surfaces ruined by moving tradesmen and have your stone or timber floors scratched, chipped and water damaged? Some of these damages are irreparable and if they can be repaired, they will certainly be standing out like a sore thumb!!

All this could have been avoided with the use of some kind of temporary floor protection product. The question you have to ask yourself is how do I protect floors during construction?

We would like to introduce you to a worry free temporary floor protection product that is fully imported from Switzerland. This floor protection sheet has all the features you will need to protect marble tiles and beautiful hardwood floors. It is impervious to absorbing liquids, impact resistant, breathable, easy installation and removal, reusable, residue free removal, etc.. Watch this video and see how important it is to protect floors during construction using our Landolt Floorliner Vapor and not take chances risking floor damage.

This floor protection sheet is easily installed and is reusable many times over.

Surfaces needs to be thoroughly cleaned, free of dust and dry prior to application. Roll sheets over internal floor surfaces, staircase treads, risers, ramps, etc.. Join sheets with a 10 cm overlap. You will not need sticky tapes that has the tendency to bleed and stain the protected surface as these sheets will join up relatively well.

Removal is also very easy, just lift it up, roll it or fold it if you wish to reuse them or dispose accordingly. 99.99% residue free on removal.

During construction, finding the ultimate temporary floor protection method is most challenging. In the best interest of providing protection and simply preventing newly installed sensitive stone floors, timber floorboards, floor tiles and carpets from getting damaged has haunted and is haunting most builders, contractors and property owners right to this very day. Using the right floor protection sheet is essential to preserve new flooring for the duration of the project. Ideally a temporary floor protection product must protect floors from construction traffic, spilt liquids, it must allow substrate breathability, the ability to absorb impact of falling tools and to provide a slip-resistant working surface. Remember to always protect floors during construction to avoid serious and costly damage to these beautifully crafted floors.