Using the right waterproofing product, an approved adhesive, a proper grout is crucial to the overall success of a tiling project.

It is absolutely necessary to organise and use the right products when working with natural stone tiles and often a pre-sealer may also be required. Natural stone tiles are sensitive to moisture and can easily get damaged when wrong installation products are used.

Sub-surfaces should be left clean and free of dust and dirt prior to tiling. A primer might be required if tiling is over an existing sub-surface to help consolidate the surface for better adhesion between the substrate and tiles. A waterproofing product that forms a thick impervious membrane is a necessity when tiling over wet areas like bathrooms and balconies areas. This should be done by strictly following the instruction provided by the manufacturer. Use only a reputable waterproofing product as you will want many years of service from this delicate membrane.

Choosing the right adhesive can be challenging when selecting from a maze of installation products available in the market today.

We have learnt over the years to trust only reputable brands like Mapei and Ardex. For us, Mapei Kerabond PLUS tops the list as a good and reasonably priced tile adhesive. It is available in white and grey. Mapei Granirapid is a quickset adhesive which is quite necessary when tiling moisture sensitive and translucent stone types. This A & B system is completely waterless. Be extremely cautious when choosing your brand of installation products especially when working with natural stone tiles. Majority of damages that happens during installation are irreversible.

The question then arises as to what type of grout to use. There are 2 categories of grout and they are either cementitious grout or an epoxy grout. We have both in stock and it should be determined at an early stage of the project which grout type is to be used. It is important to note that when tiling natural stone tiles, it is necessary to pre-seal as a precaution when using an epoxy grout. Where regular grout is used, it is wise to ask the supplier if pre-sealing is required or as a tiler, conduct some tests prior to grouting. Natural stone with high levels of porosity can absorb the grout colourants and can get stained permanently. This is also known as ‘picture framing’ a term used in the industry. Mapei Ultracolor PLUS is a great cementitious grout and Ardex EG15 is the best epoxy grout in the market today.

If you require a good pre-sealer, we suggest using Lithofin PRO.

This is a water base penetrating sealer that is economical yet effective. Alternatively using any of our Lithofin premium penetrating sealer as a pre-sealer is most ideal. We understand stone tile installation can be complicated and wish to assist you on your projects. Seek free advice from our trained consultants prior to tiling to achieve great success on all your projects.

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