We welcome you to our store. Here you will find finely selected products for all your marble and stone project requirements.

Branded Germany quality cleaning, stone sealers, stain removers to name a few categories of premium products from LITHOFIN that is widely used by industry leading professional stone fabricators, stonemasons and tilers producing superior results on marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, terrazzo, travertine, engineered stone surfaces, etc.. Products can be safely used on polished surfaces.

Talk to our friendly marble and stone care consultants and let them know how they can be of help. They can assist you in making informed decisions by proposing correct order of work, useful concepts and proven methods for all marble and stone tile projects undertaken. The use of these premium products will ensure successful completion of your marble and stone projects. Look out for our great marble, stone tile maintenance products and kits.


Primers , adhesive, grout, water-proofing, complete range of tiling tools, lippage free tiling systems, circular saw blades, special glues, colourants, etc..

Neutral cure silicones, premium penetrating stone sealers, cleaning tools, diamond abrasives, marble floor polishing pads, cleaning products, waxes, colour enhancers for use on marble, limestone, travertine, engineered surfaces.

Care and protect your marble and stone tile surface with the best products regularly. This will ensure longevity providing a majestic appeal and pristine outlook as how marble and natural stone was meant to be. 

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