Post Installation Products (For All Stone Types - Natural or Engineered)

This page has been developed to help you find products by identifying their usage immediately after completing the installation of your natural and engineered stone projects.

Neutral Cure Silicone - For caulking stone to adjacent substrates.
USE: Most required as regular acid curing silicones cannot be used when dealing with sensitive natural stones. Excellent adhesion on marble, limestone and travertine and can be used on polished surfaces. Many colour choices.

Cleaning Tools -
To clean stone surfaces and grout effectively minimising any damages.
USE: We have a fine selection of cleaning tools and accessories that will help you effectively clean your newly completed stone surfaces.

Diamond Abrasive Pads -
To grind and smoothen stone surfaces.
USE: To hone all stone types. Using these abrasive will ensure that the surface gets equal pressure and will not cause the surface to undulate when used professionally. Available in all grits (#50 - #3000). We have some for wet and others for dry usage. For granite, quartz, limestone, marble, etc..

Diamond Abrasive Hand Pads -
To hand grind marble, limestone & travertine surfaces
USE: To provide minor touch ups on stone surfaces by hand. Excellent blocks as they are in a convenient working size.

Marble Surface Renewal & Polishing Pads -
To restore worn out soft stone surfaces.
USE: To be used with slow speed floor machines. Pads with different grits are available to achieve the desire level of finish over marble, limestone and travertine.

Specialized Cleaning Products -
To remove stains & surface preparation prior to sealing.
USE: A range of products are available for specialized cleaning and stain removal tasks. These are not your regular cleaning products but product designed to troubleshoot.

Surface Deep Cleaning Products -
To clean your newly installed tiles / slabs.
USE: To thoroughly clean all new surfaces and grout before sealing the surface with an appropriate penetrating sealer. 

Speciality Waxes -
To touch up imperfections.
USE: Waxes are generally used to make good areas that are under polished or when some enhancement of colours are required.

Colour Enhancing Penetrating Sealers -
To provide a wet look and to protect the stone surfaces.
USE: Colour enhancing over dull surfaces that will benefit from having a wet look. These penetrating sealers are able to repel water and oil based contaminants keeping the surface unstained for many years.

Invisible Penetrating Sealers -
To protect the surface / grout & to aid maintenance.
USE: Penetrating Sealers absorb into the stone surface and fill the pores. This makes the surface impervious to absorbing liquids that carry potential staining elements. Protects against water and oil based stains.

Marble / Limestone & Travertine Polishing Compounds -
To restore the lossed polish effect.
USE: There are a few different polishing powders / compounds to choose from. Each has a different percentage of active chemical composition. Products need to be selected based on the stone type being polished.

All Solvent, Acidic & Strong Alkalines can be purchased from our STORE # 2 which has special shipping requirements. Click Here