This page has been developed to help you find products by identifying their usage during the planning and implementation phase of your natural and engineered stone projects.

Primers - To prime the substrate that will be receiving adhesives. 
USE: To help adhesives adhere to the substrate that may be dusty, dirty or perhaps too smooth.

Water Proofing -
To water-proof all wet areas prior to tiling.
USE: To provide a water barrier under the adhesives when tiling stone in bathroom, toilets, kitchens, etc.. This will protect water from penetrating through the concrete, cement boards, cement render, etc..

Standard Cure Adhesives - Proper adhesives that will partially cure in 24 hours.
USE: To set your marble, limestone, travertine tiles with a proper glue designed for use with all natural and engineered stone types.

Quick Set Adhesives - Quick dry adhesive for moisture sensitive stone types.
USE: When water absorption needs to be completely eliminated when installing water sensitive stone types. Completely water free and dries in approximately 2-4 hours.

Multi Use Grout - Durable grout designed for stone for both internal & external use.
USE: For use on all stone types. Also great on all surface types including polished, honed, sawn finish, etc..

Tiling Tools - A complete range of tools for tilers, stonemasons, DIY
USE: Specialized tools for perfect installation work which includes Nippers, Spacers, Wedges, Tile Cutters, Caulking Guns, Notch Speaders, Scrappers, Notch Trowers, Splash Trowels, Rubber Mallets, etc..

Lippage Free Tiling Set -
A complete set for professional tiling results.
USE: Generally used on larger for formats of tiles. This system almost completely eliminates lippages between each tile making them all feel seemless.

Circular Saw Blades - Choices available to cut different stone type and hardness.
USE: To cut marble, limestone, granite, travertine, quartz, engineered surfaces, etc. For use on tiles & slabs.

Core Drill Bits - To drill holes into stone tiles or slabs.
USE: To core holes starting from 6mm up to 40mm. Can be used on all natural stone and engineered surfaces. Clean output.

Razor Blades - To cut excess glue / mastics on the surface.
USE: To scrape or to cut off excess epoxy / polyester glues used in joining slabs, bullnoses, etc.. Great tool to have for general cleaning of natural and engineered surfaces.

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