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Ardex EG15 Colour Pack Only - 5kgs

Ardex EG15 Colour Pack Only - 5kgs

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Ardex EG15 Colour Pack Only - 5kgs

High-Performance Epoxy Grout Part C - 8 Colours Available. Needs Liquid Activators Part A & B

EG15 Colour Pack is a high-performance epoxy grout designed for situations requiring strict hygiene standards, as well as high chemical and physical resistance. EG15 Colour Pack is exceptionally easy to clean up after application. It can be used in joints up to 15mm wide on walls and floors. The EG15 Colour Pack is used in conjunction with the EG15 Epoxy Liquid Pack.

All ceramic tiles, porcelain, and natural stone can be used with the EG15 Colour Pack. (Special application procedures may be required for porous, moisture-sensitive, and textured tiles.)

This product is suitable for internal and external applications, as well as swimming and hydrotherapy pools. (*When used externally, epoxy grouts are prone to chalking, but their performance is unaffected.) The EG15 Color Pack is extremely easy to clean up after use. It can be used in wall and floor joints up to 15mm wide.

Note: There are eight colors to choose from Black 644, Charred Ash 687, Havana 680, Magellan Grey 673, Misty Grey 641, Slate Grey 611, Travertine 677, and White 600

Features of EG15 Colour Pack:

  • Highly effective and simple to clean
  • Suitable for use on walls and floors
  • From 1.5mm to 15mm joints
  • Adjustable viscosity for a variety of applications
  • Water-washable, unlike other epoxy grouts
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) content
  • Environmentally friendly and solvent-free
  • Multiple colors are available


How to Use EG15 Colour Pack:


  • Ensure joints are clean and free from dust, excess adhesive
  • and bedding mortar.
  • Do not grout until the adhesive has been set firmly.
  • All spacers must be removed from joints.
  • Joints must be dry before grouting and free from permanent dampness.
  • Prior to grouting, it is advisable to check the ease of cleaning with tiles that have a textured or matt surface.


For best results, cleaning should be completed within 15 minutes of application. It is best to grout and clean 1-2 square meters at a time. Contact our stone and tile care specialists if you have porous or heavily textured tiles.


At 23°C and 50% relative humidity, the grout joints are chemically resistant after 24 hours and full cure and stain resistance after approximately 7 days. Lower temperatures require more time.


Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet before use of:


Additional Information on EG15 Colour Pack:




Black, Charred Ash, Havana, Magellan Grey, Misty Grey, Slate Grey, Travertine, White


Grouts, Tile Grouting


5 Kilogram

Shelf Life

24 Months

Shipping Class

Dangerous Goods (Flammable)

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