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Bellinzoni Stone Spot Stain Remover (Mangia Macchia) - 250ml

Bellinzoni Stone Spot Stain Remover (Mangia Macchia) - 250ml

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Bellinzoni Spot Stain Remover (Mangia Macchia) is a stain remover for various surfaces, including marble, granite, and terrazzo.

It comes in a 250ml bottle and is easy to apply directly to the stain.
Mangia Macchia is effective in removing organic stains such as coffee, tea, and wine.
It is also suitable for removing rust stains from surfaces.

The stain remover does not harm surfaces and is safe to use in homes and commercial spaces.

The product is easy to use and is formulated to work quickly and effectively, making it a popular choice for those who need to remove tough stains from surfaces.
Users should always follow the instructions on the label and test the product on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on a stain to ensure compatibility with the surface.


Apply a layer of 5 mm thickness. After 2-3 hours, once dry, remove using a brush.

If necessary, repeat the application until complete removal of the spot. Keep in the original container. It is certified and guaranteed food safe.


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