(Anti Graffiti Coating). Bellinzoni Strip Vapor - 1L


We have found a way to protect building facades against graffiti, writing and spray-paints using our specialised anti graffiti coating also known as Bellinzoni Strip-Vapor. 

This is an esterified, microcrystalline wax-based product added to a special acrylic resin that protects against graffiti applied with ordinary spray cans on sale. The graffiti can be removed with abrasive pad, steel wool or steam, which will melt the layer of the product applied, thus removing the paint. In this way, cleaning is very simple and ecological.

A simple anti graffiti coating that allows removal and reapplication with extreme easy. Can be used on multiple different substrates including that of stone, masonry, etc..

This anti graffiti coating is manufactured in Milan - Italy.


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