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BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre

BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre

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BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre

A Premium Maintenance Formula for Varnished Wood Floors. It Revives Scuffed and Dull Surfaces & Provides Wear Protection. For Professional Use.

BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Liter is an easy-to-use waterborne coating for varnished or painted wooden floors. It restores dull and damaged surfaces and provides extended protection against wear. With its high coefficient of friction, it is an effective treatment for slick floors. This BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre is only for use by trained professionals.

The BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre includes no wax and a polyurethane-based formula that gives superior protection, allowing for further coats of finish on a variety of varnished timber floors and other timber surfaces, such as benchtops and varnished tables. Also, BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre contains a pH-neutral solution that helps preserve the finish of your floor and protects it from discolouration and deterioration.

BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre is intended for use in conjunction with your Bona Refresher Application Pad - 1Pc. This Timber Floor Refresher is suitable for home or office cleaning since it is ideal for restoring the natural beauty of wooden floors. For optimum results, apply with Bona Refresher Application Pad - 1Pc - available separately.

Also, this product is GREENGUARD Certified, which ensures a safer product for your family, pets, and the environment with very low VOC emissions to improve the quality of the air within your home. BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre preserves the natural beauty of wood floors, enhances gloss, and makes aged floors appear brand-new.


Before use, always test floors for adhesion and desired outcomes. Do not apply to oiled or waxed floors. Ensure normal room climate 18-25°C. Available in a convenient 1 litre bottle

Features of BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre:

  • Restores the luster and elegance of hardwood floors
  • Explicitly designed for finished wood floors
  • Resistant to scuffing and scratches
  • Durable, made of 100% polyurethane
  • Reinforced for extended life
  • Contains no wax
  • Quick-drying


How to Use BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre:


  • The surface to be treated must be free from oil, wax, and other contamination.
  • Floors that have been oiled or previously treated with polish, wax, or similar
    cannot be treated with Bona Refresher.
  • A trial application/adhesion check must always be conducted on every floor.
  • Refresher is not suitable for use on matt or extra matt surfaces.
  • Remove loose dust/grit etc. using a vacuum cleaner, scissor mop, or other dry-cleaning
  • Clean the floor thoroughly using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner.

NOTE: The floor must be completely dry before applying Bona Refresher. It is vitally important that the floor is clean before application as any dirt left on the surface of the floor will become ‘encased’ below the Refresher application.


  1. Gently agitate the contents by turning the container several times before opening. Apply Refresher with the Bona Microfibre applicator pad. Prepare the applicator pad by lightly dampening it with water.
  2. Apply a 3 – 4cm wavy line of Refresher on the floor. Using this product spread a thin consistent coat evenly across a small section, approx. 3 m2. Control environmental conditions to reduce airborne dust and airflow.
  3. Even out the applied Refresher by drawing the applicator smoothly across the floor, going with the grain of the wood. Continue the process until the entire floor has been coated. Always coat the whole floor to ensure an even appearance and sheen. Take care to observe the coverage rate.
  4. Allow Refresher at least 2 hours to dry before walking on the floor. If the appearance is uneven in sheen or minor streaking is evident a second coat may be applied after this time. Avoid heavy traffic and replace furniture for 24 hours.


  • Wet cleaning of the floor can be resumed after one week. Clean the floor with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfibre pad.
  • In contrast to floors maintained with polish-based systems, a floor maintained using Bona Refresher can be overcoated in the future using a Bona finish.
  • Information regarding overcoating can be found on the finish product datasheet and the Overcoating Instructions datasheet


Before using this product, please read and understand the information on the label, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).


Additional Information on BONA Timber Floor Refresher - 1 Litre:






1 Litre


Do Not Dilute


The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage and transport.

Coverage Rate

Approx. 50 m2/Litre

Drying time

- Touch dry: 30-60 minutes

- Recoatable: minimum 2 hours

Shelf Life

2 Years


Greenguard Gold

Shipping Class

Non-Dangerous Goods


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