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Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L

Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L

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Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L

Softens A Variety Of Fabrics, Including Towels, Sheets, Wool, And Delicate Items Suitable For Use In Commercial And On-Premise Laundry Facilities.

Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L is an industrial fabric softener liquid that has been specifically designed for use in commercial and on-premise laundry facilities. It is a highly concentrated formula that can be applied to a variety of fabrics and can be dosed either manually or automatically. Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L offers a convenient and effective solution for businesses that require a reliable fabric softener for their laundry needs. The versatility of Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L allows it to be used on a wide range of fabrics, making it an ideal choice for laundry facilities that handle different types of fabrics. Additionally, its concentrated formula means that lesser powder is needed per load, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses. The option to dose it either manually or automatically also provides flexibility for different laundry setups.

If you have questions on Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L, please call us at 03-9429-1223 or start a live chat with one of our experts if you require expert assistance. We are happy to serve you and provide a comprehensive solution.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on natural stone surfaces.

Features of Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L:

  • Uses biodegradable cationic.
  • The cationic in the formula has a positive charge that adsorbs onto the negatively charged surface of fabrics in the wash solution.
  • Once adsorbed, the cationic provides lubrication that prevents the interlocking of individual fibers and the buildup of static electricity during the drying process.
  • The lubrication also facilitates ironing and calendering, making it easier to handle fabrics after washing.
  • Contains perfume that leaves a pleasant scent on the fabric.
  • Suitable for most types of fabrics but is especially effective on bulked or textured fabrics such as towels.
  • Imparts a smooth and silky feel on woven or flat-knitted fabric.
  • Effectively softens various fabrics such as towels, sheets, wool, and delicate items.
  • Helps to prevent static buildup on synthetic materials.
  • Leaves a pleasant, lasting fragrance.
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients.
  • Highly concentrated


How to Use Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L:


  1. Dose via Diversey automatic dosing equipment or manual dose.
  2. Dose Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L into the last rinse, the low water level at 38-43˚C for the 3-5-minute cycle.

Dosage: 1.5-5ml / kg dry goods

Please Note: Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L should not be used on articles made of micro polyester fibres such as cleanroom garments and water-repellent theatre linen and microfibre cleaning


Always read the label and follow directions for use. Kindly refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) before using Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L.


Additional Information on Diversey Clax Soft Conc 5DL1 - 15L:








Thin blue liquid


Slightly perfumed


Store in cool dry places

Application areas

Healthcare, Lodging, Government, Commercial, Laundry

Shipping Class

Non-Dangerous Goods


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